Even More Kissy Face Rihanna and Matt Kemp Coupled Up Pics : rihanna-and-matt2

- By Bossip Staff


  • BajanSparkle

    Just Live yuh life Rhi Rhi !! Cause u only have one of them!!!


    they’re cute together

  • Canadian Fan

    Who is this dude??

  • http://yahoo.com Britt

    He doing something right, They look cute together.

  • b-nice

    Chris Brown reject! The funny thing is this is the same way she flaunted Chris Brown. Give it 2 or 3 months tops if this guy cheats on her she is gonna pull a doozy on him just like she did Chris Brown.

    Strange Girl!!!! Playing those games

  • http://NOOOO Jade

    This is Not Fair Cos She Cant Do This , If She Thats I Thinks She is More Than I THINK ,


  • Rihanna Stans own Bossip!!!

    OMG!!! a dolphin and a Whale in the same pool

    who is the fat chick anyway?

  • Rihanna Stans own Bossip!!!

    oh my bad a dolphin, a whale, a skank,and a rebound

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