Wale’s Thoughts on Sex: F**cking is the New Making-Out!!!

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Wale felt the need to express his thoughts on sex and exactly what it means now-a-days in a recent interview. To be specific… the difference between making love and hair-pulling, swappin’ juices, back-breaking sex…

I’ve never considered myself a sex addict, though I do enjoy an occasional nut as much as the next guy…. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of the highest form of physical attraction/affection — making love. Most of us get the urge often; mine normally come after a night of weed and alcohol… or that morning stretch. Not sure how my ladies’ urges occurs or how often. You all tend to be quite sporadic and random with your hormones.

The art of making love seems like a pastime, whereas f*cking, has become this generation’s making-out. I think men pursue it a bit more aggressively then women…

Making love is simply put: poetry in motion. Stroke her to the beat of her favorite song. Strawberries, Champagne, a bubble bath, eye contact. Hearing her heart beat while slowly handling business.

…I believe the art of making love (when it ACTUALLY is LOVE… MUTUALLY) is like an exercise of the soul. It’s like massaging the deepest feeling you could have for someone. For fear of sounding like the turning point of a Tyler Perry flick, I’ll gracefully bow out of the in-depth description, but before I go, I want to remind everyone that the difference between sexing and making love should never be confused…

Sounds like Solange has this boy wrapped around her ___________…. You KNOW!!! She put it on him!!!



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