Not a Total Betty, But a Vast Improvement

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Fantasia made an appearance on 106 & Park yesterday looking pretty darn decent. She smartened up and decided to cover up that married man’s name tatted on her right shoulder.

Pop it for more pics….


  • Samuel L. Jackson Beer


  • WhatAWorld

    Her hair is nice,sho’ is covering up that tat,huh,Fantasia?LMAO

  • mydixiewrecked

    she is a pretty chick now that she’s toned down the hair and covered up the advertisements on her arm… now, just lose that annoying a$$ voice!!

  • Netra


  • MadeByChevy25

    She does look nice cause Fantasia can look like the hoodest b.i.t.c.h. ever sometimes

  • nywoman23

    i never thought of her as ugly like some have. shes not ugly. i do hate when women wear shoes though and their toes are hanging out of it. or when the heel hangs out too. its a ugly look . these blogs today having boring news. im about ot take a nap

  • LondonLady

    She do look more refined.

  • FiveStarish

    Tasia is one of the realest chicks in the game and her voice is on point. Saw her and Kanye in concert back in ’06 and she was flawless!

  • Sergio / From Angola - Afrika



    Fantasia is in serious need of a stylist. She does not know how to dress period.

  • Nique

    She looks good but the voice has got to go.

  • Keepnit100

    Say whatever you want about Fanny, however she is one the most talented sisters in the game…she can actually sing

  • Keepnit100

    Dang censors..Fantasia

  • ThisMomsADiVA

    Those toes are on the floor. Buy bigger shoes, or put pads inside your shoe to keep your feet from sliding to the front. Gross!

  • mia2cents

    left shoulder?!?! smh*..and not feelin that shirt one bit but, the girl is talented.

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