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Evan Ross and Terry Crews made an appearance at the Verizon Palm Centro Launch Party at Elevate Lounge last night in their matching purple and black get attire.

Fill In the Blank: These two dudes look like a couple of __________________________.

Teirra Marie was spotted at the event too. More pics just south of here.

A little more in store on the flipside.


  • Afiya


  • Negrodamus Believes getting Chlamydia is like getting a tumor that's not Cancerous

    Negrodamus Believes the sudden change in Chris Brown’s wardrobe is due to Evan Ross coming over his house, feeding him Xanax and then stealing his clothes.

  • I'm Just Me (My Baby Graduated 6/25/08...oh and f*ck NYSDOC)

    I don’t know b/c Terry Crews could so get it with his Muscular body.

    Evan Ross looks like he needs to get close that fit.

  • no chris, no chris! raz-b looking boy!!

    terry crews can come over my house and i will tell him personally.

    fine muvva

  • john

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  • Re (Try Not to Worship Oprah)

    That’s the second time we’ve seen Teirramarie this week. She coming out with a new album?

  • Jahpson


  • Re (Try Not to Worship Oprah)

    Terry Crews meaty head makes me want to eat a steak.

  • oN dAtpIFf & cIRoC

    @ Re I would like to know too…I havent heard anything about it. She’s only had one single out that I’ve ever heard…

  • Just Sayin

    Thanks Terry for not showing up in a pink suit – love the purple on you though!

  • I'm Just Me (My Baby Graduated 6/25/08...oh and f*ck NYSDOC)

    @ KZZ

    True, True but in the dark…puss is f*cking puss.

  • Nutznmoney

    Gobbling Gooses

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    I think Evan Ross is depressed..he reminds me of the patients at my job

    Teirra Marie does have an album coming out..i actually love her first was only 5 dollars at Target, but it was worth it!

  • Hannibal


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