Khloe Says She Would Beat a Ho Down For Being Close to Lamar

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This little Khloe character seems a little deranged and possessive:

“If I even imagined someone talking to my husband too close, I would beat the crap out of them.”
Though they are trying to have a baby now, she stressed that she is not currently pregnant. “I just gained some love weight and it gives [Lamar] something to hold on to,” she says. (She previously told that she gained seven pounds since wedding in September. “I just haven’t been working out as much and eating badly,” she told Us. “My husband is known as the candy man. All he does is eat candy, and I join in and that’s not great. But now we’re settled in and bought a house, and I’m back to my routine,” which includes QuickTrim.)

She tells The Insider Lamar “is really eager to have a baby and I wanna have babies. I just got married four months ago, I’m not doing anything to prevent having a baby right now.”

Ain’t nobody gonna be trying to hit on Lamar’s a*s now, especially after she’s tainted him all up. SMH. That’s going to be one interesting looking baby if she ever really gets knocked up.

Pics of Khloe and sister Kim out shopping the other day:


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