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Michelle Obama isn’t the only one who made her mark on the fashion world. Barack Obama has inspired a new menswear line. Click HERE to find out which major fashion house is carrying the Obama-styled couture.



    I heard there is some beer named after him also

  • Link9

    I don’t care. Give me something good when you talking about the new President elect.

    And I appove this message.

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    :lol: @ Link 9..ooook buddy!

    Obama is such an influential person..he is doing so well right now..i hope his good fortune continues!

  • Doc

    Yes we can but Versace line its been wack since gianni versace passed away. Donatella dont know nothing about men’s fashion.

  • n_satiable

    Obama IS a well-dressed man…but Donatella’s overtanned, overbleached ass ain’t foolin’ anybody! She’s just trying to capitalize on Obama’s success for her own purposes. Do you think he would have “inspired” this line if he had dropped out of the race months ago? Hell, no!

  • Aunt Viv

    I like a sharp dressed man, that’s a look that should be emulated.

  • Divab

    HEy…. He is a sharp dressed man.

  • CJ

    The world is being….Obamatized!!!!



    OBAMA ’08

  • Crackalicious

    you know, I wonder, it’s like people care more about the fact that he has this rockstar appeal, rather than his politics. Maybe the critics are right, he would not have been in this posision if he was an old white guy.

  • I'm Just Me (My Baby Graduated 6/25/08...oh and f*ck NYSDOC)

    GO OBAMA!!!

  • Amazed

    Everyone needs to go make a contribution to Obama’s campaign before the June 30th reporting deadline. For a contribution of $30 you will recieve a t-shirt.

    Yes we can, Be a part of History! Change begins with us!

  • tiggyy

    Maybe now we will see more people of color on the runway

  • kellyrock

    It was bad enuff when Hillary was doing it but now the fashion industry is trying to emasculate B OB.

  • Ara

    Barack is running for president, she wants him to get rid of his tie, and talking about pastel, v neck tee shirts, huh?

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