Snoops Kids Know He Is Trifling – Because He Told Them!!!

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In a recent interview Snoop revealed he hides nothing from his kids. And we mean NOTHING!!! Pop the hood for more:

Forget about the traditional parental role of trying to protect your kids from life’s harsh realities… Snoop would rather foster friendships with his children…

“I have never hidden anything from my kids. I have always been able to express myself to them of who their daddy is so they won’t have to go read a book and find out the truth about who their father was. They know i am ex-banger, drug-dealer, wanna be pimp. They know about how i cheated on their mother and wanted to get a divorce because they heard it from me directly. That’s why me and my relationship with my kids is about us being friends because sometimes a father can scare a kid, but a friend is always going to be there.”

Oh and about that wanna-be pimp business. Snoop says he wasn’t all talk when it came time to put hoes to work:

“Yeah, I’m talking like really going in and getting girls to bring you back money for their services. Whether it was through athletes or entertainers or just rich guys with money who wanted to have a young girl spend an evening with them. And through my connections, I send a girl, get the money. That was my pimpin’. And I was running with real pimps and getting the understanding of pimpin’. Cause I don’t do things for fake, I do it for real.”

Damn Snoop… That’s what’s gangsta?

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Tune In To FUSE TV this weekend to watch their full interview with Snoop. Saturday, Jan. 9 at 3:30p/2:30c and Sunday, Jan. 10 at 10p/9c.

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