When the Checks Stop Coming In: Sisqo Shakes His Lil Man Meat on Big Brother

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Obviously, when the checks stop coming in for celebrities, they have the option of going on reality shows to do crazy things in order to start actually getting checks again. Sisqo is on “Celebrity Big Brother”, and he had to strip down and put on a little ‘mankini’…Poor thang.

Flip it to see more of SisQo and his lil man meat shake it for the Brits…



  • pynk♥{Luckily, my jeans are tight. So, no. There is no room 4 you! :)}


  • nywoman23

    lmfao bwahahaaha. he does look like he has a mandingalo

  • GotYou

    He’s not news worthy.

  • ChocolateGold

    SMDH! He went from singing about Thongs to wearing one, dammnnnnnn!

  • Keepnit100

    Uggggghhhh….my eyes, they’re burning!

  • Lisa

    He actually won that competition. He was voted “Hunk off champion”

  • LondonLady

    Us brits really Mock the Americans when they come over what a pity that hes stooped so low for some P’s then again with the sterlin being stronger then the Dollar I see why hes doing it……..Moneys an evil thing I tell ya.



  • http://www.mediaanarchist.wordpress.com Krusher Kronkite

    No wonder the black man is almost considered extinct!

  • Chris

    Thats a shame…Sisqo spent that last little money he had on the Borat fit.

  • ?

    CALM DOWN tracey

  • UK is BEST!!

    @Tracey – Come on now…the amount of reality T.V. shows and washed-up ‘celebs’ that appear is more ridiculous than the UK. You have programmes about drug-addicted celebs for crying out loud.

    Your country takes the title for making nobodies famous…Paris Hilton??!! Tila Tequila??!! I rest my case! And you know i’m right too!

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since: 1983. HAPPY NEW YEAR BOSSIP FOLK. 98 DAYS!!!

    he does look like he has a mandingalo



    Sorry :( :(

  • Mr.727

    this goes to show you that a mind is TERRIBLE thing to waste! This is so sad to me! He had all that fame and didn’t do anything that would be lucrative to his future!

    Well thinking that you will be on top forever is a foolish thought to have!

    Totally SMH!!!

  • jjj

    Just when I thought I’ve seen it all. SMH… yuck!

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