New Jawn: Monica is Giving *Everything*

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Monica’s got a new jawn called “Everything” that she just released. If you listen closely, it has the melody from Silly by Denise Williams in the background. Nice song with an old school vibe to it, but some people aren’t feelin’ it!!!

Pop the Top and See if You are Feelin’ It:

Some of Monica’s followers on Twitter are not really feeling her new jawn. It bothered Monica enough to tweet this:

It’s so weird. People asked me for that song now some say it’s too old. Which is it. Lol. Do u want singing or a gimmick. Answer please.

What do Ya’ll Think: Hate It or Love It?!?!


  • TroubleOh7

    loves it…


    Monica you still got it…NO DAMN GIMMICK!!!!

  • Tia

    Love it…always have loved her voice.

  • monique

    I think she sometimes SINGS TO HARD!!!!! Just sing the DAYUM SONG!!! I mean here and there, work the NOTE.. But not EVERY NOTE!!! I really like her and have for ALONG TIME< but she always goes TO FAR, like MJB sometimes…

  • Re

    I like it. Will it be a hit? Of course not. That would be crazy to recognize a real singing voice and great lyrics…just crazy I tell ya!

  • Re

    LOL @ monique!!!! Tina Marie does that too. I can’t stand it.

  • Dr. Hayden Drake

    Monica is really a true talent. She has been great singer since she was a child.

    I would love her to release a modern love ballad. There are very few artists that can actually sing a love ballad and do it well, Monica can, so I hope she does. Thats what separates her from all of the other chicks in the game with these up tempo one hit wonders. They could never do what Monica has the talent to do, it would be an asset to Monica to do what she does best and really sing.

    Okay that said, this song was too old sounding, it didn’t fit her voice. She sang it well but its not a great song.

    I look forward to the rest of her work and some modern ballads done the way that only she can. Love her voice.

  • ctygrl

    Love the song MONICA. Create the music for grown folks not children. LOVE YA

  • notadummy

    FQQQQCK the HATERS this song is FIRRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MzTee

    I didn’t like the melody behind ‘Silly’ when it first come out as a single on Deneice Williams’ album, “My Melody.” So, I’m NOT feeling it on this song. Monica has always had a nice voice. Her producers should have chosen a better song to sample.

  • FiveStarish

    I love the song all day… voice is flawless as usual. You the best girl

  • Special K

    I LOVE IT. She has a VERY VERY distinctive voice.

  • FiveStarish

    On my momma, on my hood…
    You look good, you have a beautiful family, and twitter is for snitches like Jeezy said, so get off that.

  • I am tireeeeed!!!!!!

    I love this song and this girl is the truth!!!!!!!

  • Allison Jones

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!! Don’t let nothing stop you…. That voice is still on pernt!!!

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