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The banger that is Joy Bryant married her stuntman fiancee, David Pope, today in a beach ceremony in the Hamptons. Dude was smart to wife that up real quick, never know when those stuntman checks will stop coming in. Congrats.


  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?


  • Nurse GiGi

    -Happy for Joy. Loving the ’round a way’ steez.

    – stuntman for who? Mr. Gums? j/k

  • The Bear

    She a true natural beauty. He gets to look at that face every morning… Some guys have all the luck.


  • The Bear

    Hope Joy sets a style trend. Bout time we get to see what folks REALLY look like.

  • Qi-Qi

    Congrats to them.

  • Refreshing

    Awwwww, I’m happy for Joy and her hubby. I must say it’s nice to see someone in the industry who is NATURALLY beautiful falling in love with an average guy….rather than bouncing from party to party, dating every damn athlete, celebrity, posing in all the magazines, etc.

  • Nurse GiGi


  • Nurse GiGi


  • Nurse GiGi


  • Nurse GiGi

    ooops, that was an accident?

  • 2cute4u

    I’ve never heard of him, but good for you joy, love is a beautiful thang!

  • Nurse GiGi

    That was an accident guys

  • Aw hell naw

    Congrats to you Joy and hubby! Nice to see you in au natural beauty mode!

  • the truth

    Yes, you can say that she married an “average joe” but the truth is she has already been around the block w/ some major players..I know from a very reliable source that she boned Jay-Z a few years back..guess it wasn’t that good since he wifed Beyonce and not her..

  • the truth


    Hmm..do the math ..he was w/ Bey at that time so YES I would say that is a bit whorish..on both their parts…

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