In White Folks News: Kate Gosselin Drops 7 Stacks on a Weave

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Kate Gosselin showed off her new extensions this week, but what we didn’t know was that she dropped 7 stacks for the whole thing. 

Pop the top for the details.

The stylist responsible for Kate’s new hair says the reality star spent a day transforming her sassy, cut into long glamorous locks.  He also broke down that with a hefty $950 hair cut color and $500 extensions, Kate’s hair easily ran her close to $7,000. 

Man, that’s close to what Bey Bey and other brown girls pay for lace fronts. Hope it gets you some head turns, Kate. Ladies is hair really worth all that???


  • lt

    Hated it.

  • TGIF

    Gurl get your $$$ back! You look like sh**

  • trini

    i can still see her old cut that was waste of money!!!hahahahahah!!!!

  • Somali Ninga

    she does look good w/ long hair though. That reverse mullet she had during the past few months disgusted me.

  • pynk♥

    “Man, that’s close to what Bey Bey and other brown girls pay for lace fronts.”

    Am I the only one that’s a little offended by this comment? What does color have to do with anything? A bad weave/lace front/extensions/whatever, is a bad weave/lace front/extensions/whatever…


    this bish is a self involved narcissist who is unfit to be a mother to 8 was her ego that drove her to have 8 children in the first place….it was always “hey look at me” im the circus freak with 8 kids. bish! you’ve got 8 children to feed and no job…you cant afford to trick off thousands on a damn weave….typical single mother who has had children as a form of ego fulfillment. Mark my words , those kids are going to be psychologically damaged adults…a little brood of lindsey lohans and cory feldmans.

  • BapBarbie

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  • Re

    That looks like a 40 dollar weave, stop playing.

  • drenk

    if she spent 7k on her head, id hate to see what her bikini wax looks like….yuck

  • JayJay


  • Ayana

    She couldve gotten that same weave in Atlanta for $50 (hair included)

  • Bey-nonsense

    cosign w/ Ayanna- and in Jackson, MS. Why when white people get weaves it don’t match??? She got the tracks dyed to match her color and it still didn’t match. I think what they’re doing is putting one track and sewing it instead of gluing about 3 tracks and sewing in certain spots so it could be fuller.

  • Bey-nonsense

    the “hairstylists” in the pink shirts= FAIL

  • mecca f

    even though $950 for cut and color and 500 for extensions is still a lot, how does that come out to 7 stacks???

  • cris

    I’m sure she didnt pay for it herself so she got what she paid for. Jon left her in debt so this was a freebie PR move, I feel bad for her being all alone now say what u want about her she’s a good mother! & Jon has proven he’s a piece of crap who needed to be yelled at!

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