Morgan Freeman Set to be a Dad at 72??

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Remember the scandalous affair alleged between Morgan Freeman and his step-granddaughter, 27-year-old E’Dena Hines? Well now we hear that his step grand-daughter is looking to get knocked up and wants Morgan to be the daddy.

Pop the top for the details.

Sources close to Morgan say that E’Dena wants Morgan’s baby because she believes that it will give her a final hold on Morgan. After his divorce with Myrna is finalized, she wants to end up marrying him.

How twisted and disgusting is this whole thing?


  • drenk

    EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW, how old is he??? he’s prolly shooting powder at this point

  • resurrected

    He does not really want this young girl… I really use to like Morgan Freeman but all that this shows me is that even in his old age he has not learn chit and don’t want too… So he is willing to mess up his relationship with his pass wife and this girl grandmother over some half way illegal chit… I hope him and the grandmother does not have actual kids together but there were married for like 20 years.. Someone need to try to talk to his girl because she is not even 30 and her man is over 70… She will probably be another Anna Nicole Smith..

  • FiveStarish

    He needs to get some Just For Men on that beard ASAP. He is dead wrong for sleeping with someone from his family…even if it aint blood.

  • http://bossip Keep it Real

    Well, if you can’t find a wealthy young black man……

  • Vanessa

    Morgan got himself a UYT ( Ugly Young Thing). They gonna have some old looking babies.

  • resurrected

    Keep it Real
    1/8/10, 14:16:pm

    Well, if you can’t find a wealthy young black man
    lol you wrong even if it is your grandfather and I know that he is her step grandfather but he has know this child since she was a baby believing that he was her grandfather sounds like some child molestation to me…

  • resurrected

    She looks old for 27 to me…

  • 2Sweet


  • 2Sweet

    That chick STILL looks 17!!! SMGDH

  • Shayla

    Never thought I’d see the day when Mr.Joe Clark was doing so Woody Allen sh#t

  • Shayla

    Never thought I’d see the day when Mr.Joe Clark was doing so Woody Allen sh#t

  • ayumih87

    damn morgan, I didn’t know you could go so low…
    how lame and sick

  • resurrected

    1/8/10, 14:21:pm

    lol too funny I can stand when I see someone more at the end of there life and they act as if they have not learned a thing… This type of chit needs to effect his career like any other celebrities that is losing there grip on reality and life..

  • resurrected

    I bet his old azz is not reading these blogs thou.. I wonder who he has children and what kind of relationship does he have with them? This girl needs to be think about this child that she is going to bring to child in the world by a man who did not mind manipulating her for her cookie so how do you know that this child will be safe in a household with him?

  • Realist

    That’s sick. As long as you can call someone “family”, blood or no blood, then that’s just plain wrong. There are some boundaries that are just understood to not be crossed..If that makes any sense!

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