Fantasia Still Lying to Kick It: In Barbados with the Married Man and the Tattoo that Doesn’t Exist

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Fantasia is down in Barbados for the Barbados Music Awards and decided to bring her boo on this little trip. Remember the married man, Antwuan Cook, who she claimed she never met before. Also peep that tattoo that she claims doesn’t exist.

Tasia… Why Lie Boo??? You’re already Classified as a Homewrecker!!!

Why does Fantasia continue to lie about this married man??? It doesn’t make any sense. So now everyone knows, FANTASIA IS OFFICIALLY GETTING HER PANTIES SOAKED UP BY A MARRIED MAN!!!

If you haven’t seen the first episode of Fantasia’s Reality Show… Click Here to Watch


  • TGIF

    I see a tatt but where does it say his name. Nevertheless, tasia honey leave that married man alone.

  • LEA

    she’s dumb as hell, the paps will get you each time lol..

  • candice



    this bish is racchetttt

  • Ya Mamie


  • tb

    Wow, is it that hard to get a black man these days that a black woman has to share them.

    I wonder if that 20/20 report was correct, where it indicated that there were over $1 milli more black women than black man.

  • anewme

    There is a such thing as too many tats on a woman. After a while it starts to look trashy. Come on Tasia, get it together!

  • Nosey!

    I agree she does need to chill out but that because of my religious back round. Look at the sweetheart everyone loves Ms. A.Keys she’s doing the same thing but her album is selling.

  • Nique


    Typical hood b!!tch no matter how much money she has…

  • LaDiva

    Sad…Out of all the men in this world, she wants to be with one who is already taken..
    Life is too short to be fighting for 1 man when there are millions out there….smh…

  • 2Sweet

    Ugly as ‘Tasia is, I have to give it to her for keepin it real and being seemingly comfortable in the skin she’s in. It’s a cut-throat industry and 99.98% of the hoes in it have been sliced. Not ‘Tasia tho! I don’t find it hard to believe that some men would be extremely attracted to that. But I don’t care for all those tattoos. They make her look dirty and ashy.

  • BapBarbie

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  • FiveStarish

    She was clearing up rumors on 106&Park, but it’s funny how she had the Tat covered up. He aint worth it, I’m sure…ask his wife.

  • ThatBKChick

    She needs to have those tats removed, and try and restore her career…this is just what happens when hoodrats go wrong in music industry….Alica Keys, Tasia come on J Records (Clive Davis)….get this crap together!!!!!

  • Sboog


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