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Beyonce cheered for her boo Jay-Z the Camel as he blew the roof off at Glastonbury this weekend. The Hov also set the record straight for all those opposed to him perfoming at the festival, especially that wack singer Noel Gallagher:

Jay-Z had an answer for his toughest critic at the annual Glastonbury Music Festival in Britain Saturday. The 142,500 fans in attendance cheered as Jigga took the stage with a guitar slung over his shoulder and immediately sang along to “Wonderwall,” the 1995 hit single from British band Oasis.

Oasis lead singer, Noel Gallagher, has repeatedly voiced his frustration with Glastonbury organizers for choosing Jay-Z, a hip hop act, to headline a festival that has been traditionally rooted in rock and alternative music.

“The world should be all about mixing culture,” Jay-Z said to UK radio personality Tim Westwood. “Hip-hop is music in its art form. It should be accepted and respected. It’s all the same thing, it’s just coming from a different perspective.”

Click here to watch Hovvy Hov clown that British doofus during his set at Glastonbury.

Bonus Feature: Click HERE for a classic Crackhouse moment – Amy Winehouse punches a fan at the Glastonbury festival.

View pics of Jay-Z in concert right about now.

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  • Royal Chocolate


  • Vinandi

    1st- Hova was crap!!! am sorry, he should have done better and his arrogance was alomst at a Weezy level!!

  • Vinandi

    I mean seriously Noel had a point- you wouldn’t expect – the Rolling Stones or My Chemical romance to headline a Hip Hop festival, would you?

    correction- Kanye level

  • Vinandi

    at the very least he should have brought on his famous friends to collabo ie. ColdPlay, Linking Park or even NERD and his wifey! The crowd would have gone crazy then!

  • http://www.rihannasucks.blogspot.com Opinion Distributor

    LOL!!! Ohhhh shadafukk up b1tches!!! It’s over!! He headlined your bull$h1t as tour! Now what??? Lemme guess… b1tch & moan about it? :-D oh boo hoo

  • Jay rocked it

    Nah, great that he played the concert alone! It was one of the best concert in the history!Why he should bring someone out, he was booked for this event and not Nerd….or sometone else

  • Lady Architect

    I was laughing when he was trying to sing. Goodness he sound a mess! I can understand both arguments on each end, but I’d say give the fans what they want. It seems like they accepted Jay very well, but I agree with Vinandi he should’ve had linkin park with him or he should’ve brought out kid rock since he was using his rock beat. That definitely would have show the mixture of rock and hip hop like how run dmc and aerosmith did back in the day.

  • glok9n


  • as seen on t.v.

    jay-z appeals to all kinds of audiences so he had every right to perform…

  • B'More

    and they do say that jay z is an undercover white boy, so i guess that’s why he feels like he belongs there.

  • dayg715

    so does that mean that oasis is gonna perform at the next hip hop music festival? SMH.

  • http://www.rihannasucks.blogspot.com Opinion Distributor

    Smilin’ at ole boy up that b1tch STILL CRYING :-) talkin’ bout what they COULDA SHOULDA WOULDA did! OH well…

    All them b1tches had their hands up HIGH for the ENTIRE show… your “argument” is moot! YouTube pts 1-7 :-D high def too LOL

  • Nikki

    SMH… what’s wrong with integrating both music genres? NEW ideas will probably bring up the attendance to that festival.

  • http://www.casualpal.com just4FUN


  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    LOL @ Jay Z’s singing. :-)

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