Random Ridiculousness: Gilbert Arenas Pooped in Teammate’s Shoe???

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Gilbert Arenas, aka “Agent Zero,” got a little support this weekend after his indefinite suspension without pay from the Washington Wizards thanks to that little gun incident and Twitter BS. While, it is pretty obvious that there would be fans and teammates backing good ole Gil, this is not the most interesting part of this story…

Pop the hatch to read some ridiculousness:

Well, the organization can banish Gilbert Arenas’s name and likeness from its arena, but DeShawn Stevenson will keep the love alive. Witness his ankle tape from Sunday’s home loss against the Hornets. Admirable loyalty to a missing friend? Or PR stumble from a franchise that’s had enough of those? I’ve also gotten e-mails from two different fans about their Free Gil signs being confiscated at Verizon Center; one from a Caps game, and these two gents pictured below. Unclear whether the Wizards are taking sign-confiscation advice from the Redskins or not.

UPDATE: A Wizards spokesman tells me the team hasn’t changed its normal sign policies, which merely prohibit offensive, profane or excessively large signage. The spokesman also said they’ve had no reports of security confiscating any Arenas signs since his suspension. That’s good news.

UPDATE II: Wizards PR has heard of at least one security guard who confiscated an Arenas sign, but he was asking on his own and not following the stated policies.

On the other hand, I never knew about Gilbert’s classic poop-in-the-shoe stunt. This came from Mike Wise and Michael Lee’s latest story:

Arenas once defecated in teammate Andray Blatche’s shoe during Blatche’s rookie season.

WTF??? We know Arenas is a self-proclaimed goofball, but that just sounds nasty as hell…



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