This Guy Again: Rush Limbaugh Says *Negroes Brought Ted Kennedy His Booze*

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Racist Rush strikes again. The notorious shock jock managed to let another racist remark slip Monday, this time when talking about the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Continue…


  • Joseph


  • Old Timer

    Drug dealers and shady docitors bring “Junkie Rush” his drugs too, so what’s the point?

  • DJ Kelly Kiss

    This is why Mr. Obama needs to hold a summit.. for real, lead us like how Mr. Nelson Mandela lead South Africa to start to except the difference in people. Put people’s fears to rest….

  • Wendy

    Rush, die already!!

  • $ Get cha Weight Up (You STILL makin' that??) formerly Kami All Day

    lol @ Wendy

    I wish someone would replace his pills with rat poison in pill form.

    Oh, how I wish……and I’d go to his funeral just to p*ss on his grave.

  • PraDaMaMa


    I CONCUR….


  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    @Sticky-n-Sweet Agreed, Macus Garvey tried to tell us along time ago about building our own wealth and supporting each other, but was rebuked by his own people wanting to emulate the white mans way of doing things. Our people need to realize that our forefathers were once Kings and Queens and that people of color is where the craddle of civilization began. So anything that the white man is doing we have done, because there’s nothing new under the sun.

  • Black_Orpheus(the original not the remake)

    I am far less concerned with Limbaugh’s statement, than I am with that Arkansas cracker Bill Clinton’s statement to Kennedy, that “a few years ago [Obama] would be bringing us coffee”.

    Limbaugh is an elitist and has never pretended to be a “friend” to blacks — while Clinton and his wife have “played” blacks for years.

    Limbaugh made HIS statment out in the open, for all to hear. That Arkansas cracker made HIS privately to Kennedy, wrongly assuming that Kennedy, like HIMSELF talked out of both sides of his mouth when it came to blacks.

    Typical — always getting upset about the “open and honest” bigot, while making excuses for the sly bigot who p-i-m-p-s the hell out of you, while pretending to be your “friend”.

  • Black_Orpheus(the original not the remake)

    a-s-s-u-m-i-n-g !!!

    Hire an effin I.T. professional, who knows how to write a filterring algorithm that parses on whole words, rather than just on any occurence of a damn string!!!

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it REAL

    “Limbaugh made HIS statment out in the open, for all to hear. That Arkansas cracker made HIS privately to Kennedy, wrongly *****uming that Kennedy, like HIMSELF talked out of both sides of his mouth when it came to blacks.”

    BIBLE! I just said to someone this morning that I was MUCH MORE offended at Bill Clintons “bringing us coffee” comment than I was by anything Harry Reid said! But noone wants to talk abot Bill – or so I thought! Good looking out!

    So I’m not the only one who feels Bill Clinton has been showing his TRUE COLORS since his wife was in the Primaries? I’m pleased to know I am not the only black person who is seeing Bill Clinton for the closeted racist that he is!

  • Black_Orpheus(the original not the remake)

    @DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it REAL
    Limbaugh is an unreconstructed ELITIST, who thinks of himself as some kind of great mind,
    and he openly expresses his presumption that
    blacks are inferior to whites.

    Clinton has been playing black people for YEARS — and black people have been falling for that C-R-A-P: “black president” my a-s-s.

    When that hag of a wife of his came to PA, and went out to western PA making the racist appeal to “hard working people, white people” — she CLUMSILY expressed in the open how the pair of them talk behind closed doors.

    I VASTLY prefer that fat bigot Limbaugh’s OPEN hatred to the Clinton’s sly, sneaky variety.

    Black people need to STOP being hyper-consuming, forever falling for the con, “marks”, and start building their own, hiring their own, and and THINKING FOR THEMSELVES.

  • darealwifey

    OK…first of all, this wasn’t a slip. Like him or not, Rush Limbaugh is an absolute GENIUS when it comes to communicating ideology, thoughts, rhetoric, whatever it is. If it comes out of his mouth, he meant it whether it was his true feelings or to cause a media uproar or to rally his political party. There is a point behind everything that comes out of his mouth.

    Now, having said that, I don’t think giving Rush Limbaugh attention is productive because he *is* so inflammatory. He’s like a political Howard Stern. He’s pretty much a shock jock –albeit, a talented, elitist, bigoted one, but definitely just a guy who pushes people’s buttons for ratings. It’s America, he can say these things, and it’s never going to change. Instead of focusing on what he’s saying, we should worry about pushing OUR agenda, and speaking just as loudly as the Rush Limbaughs.


    If any Royal member of a tribe had been captured, it was customary practice that they were beheaded by someone in their own tribe so that they would be saved from being forced into servitude.



  • Wellhung

    Another thing about Rush…

    he predicted today that before this is all over with Harry Reid’s comments would somehow end up being pointed back to him and he will end up taking more heat for repeating Harry’s words than Harry took for saying them in the first place.


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