Brandy to Danger via Twitter: STFU and Keep My Brother’s Name Out Yo Mouth

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Danger has everyone about to whoop her a$$ after saying that Ray-J’s gay and also by not clarifying that she wasn’t talking about Young Buck of G-Unit. Brandy, the gangsta that she’s not, decided to speak up on Twitter and so did Young Buck of G-Unit.

Pop it for Tweets

Brandy’s Tweet:

Brandy, What are you really going to do??? You don’t need any more lawsuits…

Young Buck’s Tweet:

This is the Young Buck that Danger was referring to, one of his homies that he’s been cool with for awhile. If he and Ray-J were playing butt darts, hopefully he would have better taste than this dude.

Fellas, let this be a lesson… This is exactly why a man can’t put this d**k in in everything!!! SMH…


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