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Keri Hilson covers the new Jet Magazine and reveals what she likes in a man.

Fellas, pop the hatch if you’re interested in what Mz. Keri Baby has to say…

“I like a guy that is wise and can stimulate me with conversation..I don’t fancy entertainers or ballplayers..”

Damn, is she saying that all ballplayers and entertainers are dumbf*cks???


  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)


  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)


  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)

    And Silver!!

  • mzdiva

    stop it day

  • http://bossip KingLion

    Sounds Like me… heheee

  • Somali Ninga

    What does the cover of the magazine mean when it says “NATION PREPARES CELEBRATION FOR A KING”?

  • Dilla

    Keri get rid of that damn wig!!!


    I could pay her some mind if she wasn’t constantly selling sex.

  • nish


  • Mz. D

    Why Keri Why!!! I thought she got rid of that wig, unless she just did that for the AMA’s and the Grammy special!!

  • Re

    She’s looking for gay looking men that arch their brows.

    If you don’t meet this criteria, move on.

  • Re


    I sincerely apologize for what I just said, hope I didn’t offend anyone.

    Correction: She likes feminine looking men. I keep overlooking the very masculine gay men out there.

  • kingjames206

    ms kerii babiii is my new babiii mama fasho….



  • Macori, St. Maarten

    I like Keri, but not her hair style.

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