Bossip Exclusive:Trey Songz Reinvents Sex with More Than the Ladies : brandon-hines-trey-songz

- By Bossip Staff


  • Keepnit100

    SMH..this is shocking to say the least

  • whatever

    Too much!

  • http://Bossip Bliss

    I believe it… I believe it and I believe that Trey Songz in a Butch Queen. I just don’t respect men that are not up-front with their homo ways.

  • disgusted

    excuse me while I go throw up

  • kitty

    You know what , it could be true. When a man tries so hard to be a ladies man something is not right. These stars are in for a surprise this year . All their dirty laundry is going to hit the fan and its going to get ugly up in the entertainment industry . People need money and their playing the trump card to get it , oh well say ahhhhhhhhhhh, lol

  • Evinkauga

    I still Love you Trey and I have all your albums

  • Habina

    Makes sense, I’ve heard B Hines was gay

  • wifey06

    I hope the light is shed on everyone. Ya’ll sweating most of these guys who one either don’t like black women or don’t like women….lol

    dumb buts giving away their money…lol!!!

  • sweetga

    all i can say is wow…….. what are we doing world? seriously

  • Sunni_daze

    So is safe to say that if they not chasing LSLH and glorifing her, that they sword fight, and packin fudge. Ladies I think that as black women we need to start looking elsewhere for MEN!

  • sweetga

    why are we exploiting ourselves and our children so much? i just hope that these people are using some form of protection…i still say it is a ploy to destroy black music

  • c-lo goodie

    I wish these guys would just say they gay… but do we really want confused boys talking about they wanna be gay just like Trey Songz?? SMDH…

  • keke

    i still love or bi or straight.i wonder when this sexuality business will stop being significant enough to ‘report’ upon…


    If he is a sword fighter its no big suprise. It stands to reason that being in the arts & emtertainment field, there will be more gay/bi-sexuals types than less. To each his own….NEXT!

  • Dr. Hayden Drake


    His music is still good. Keep making good music and I’ll buy it.

    As a grown man, i personally don’t care or have any investment into to what another man does in his own bed.

    We should be buying his music, not his sexuality.

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