Obama Gets His Own Musical — Featuring Love Songs For Michelle

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Obama is hitting a high note in Germany, where a new musical about his election campaign titled “Hope – The Obama Musical Story” opens this weekend. Flip the script for the rest:

A musical about Barack Obama’s “Yes we can” election campaign premieres in Germany this weekend, including love songs by the president to his wife Michelle and duets with Hillary Clinton.

Even John McCain and Sarah Palin are given stage time, with actors portraying the losing Republican candidates and belting out songs on their behalf.

In all, 30 singers, actors and dancers are to perform in the musical “Hope — the Obama Musical Story” when it opens at the Jahrhunderthalle concert hall in Frankfurt in a bilingual mix of English and German. The audience may recognize that many songs quote from the politicians’ stump speeches during the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign.

The venue for the premiere seems appropriate since the optimism of Obamania remains largely intact in Germany, about a year after Obama, an accomplished public speaker, became America’s first black president. One campaign highlight was a July 2008 speech to some 200,000 people in the heart of Berlin about the world, the U.S. and its place in it.

On Wednesday, the “Hope” performers were still working at their kicks on a small rehearsal stage in an industrial zone of the southwestern city of Karlsruhe.

“We are rehearsing every day for 12 hours now,” Jimmie Wilson, who plays Obama, said in a telephone interview. “After the opening, we have to see what the feedback is like and then we’ll go on tour.”

The American once acted in Michael Jackson’s musical “Sisterella.”

The organizers of “Hope!” said that tickets are only available for the opening night in Frankfurt and that further performances there and in other German cities were still being planned.

“I had the idea (for the musical) during the presidential campaign. … It was fascinating and the mood at the time fired my imagination,” American writer Randall Hitchins said in a news release provided by the organizers. “All the people were hoping for a change for a better life and there was such a great, collective emotion.”

While Hitchins initially only wanted to compose one song with the title “Yes, we can” — in reference to Obama’s campaign slogan — he soon realized that the theme had the potential for more. He teamed up with producer Roberto Emmanuele, a German-Italian, and together they created the musical, which combines different musical styles, from pop, soul and gospel to hip hop and rock.

Set in Obama’s hometown of Chicago and viewed through the eyes of people who share an apartment, the musical tries to show how Obama’s campaign gave people at the time hope for change and belief in a better future.

“The story starts 20 years ago, when Obama worked as a community organizer in Chicago, and leads all the way to the 2008 campaign,” said Wilson.

Most of the actors are American and many have performed in other German musicals.

As part of an interactive gimmick, the audience will be asked to participate in the show by playing tiny drums built into their chairs.

Tickets for the premiere can be bought online and range between (EURO)40 and (EURO)149 ($58 and $215).

Two other musicals about the president were performed in other countries last year: “Obama On My Mind” in London and “Obama: The Musical” in Nairobi, Kenya.

It’s a great change of pace to have a president who inspires hope across the world, isn’t it?



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    @Somali Ninga
    Stop it and who is the cutie pie in your gravatar?

    I think that guy who plays Obama, Jimmie Wilson, is pretty handsome in this picture.

  • 2Sweet

    LMFAO! Is that supposed to be Michelle? Why does she look 20 years older than Obama?

  • aleximaq

    Soooo…I guess just any old Negro with a light complexion and a low haircut can pass for Obama huh?

  • Mock Rock Star

    Happy New Year Aunt Viv. I ended up getting a “A” on that France research paper

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    Dang, let a black actor work. Sheesh. Denzel didn’t look anything like Malcolm X, but Spike Lee let him have the part.

  • Born

    They are loved……what to say?

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  • whataworld08

    A musical for the Obama’s.Every time I see this I get pissed,UGH!

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    @Black Woman

    Why do you consider this an exploitation?

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    @ Mock Rock Star
    I’s Ian Somerhalder
    I said it was disgusting because Obamania is absolutely bat$hit insane!! Obama is the DEVIL!!! FU©K THE BOULE!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/sexy1234 uhh yeah ok.

    I don’t know.. mixed feelings on this :S

  • http://grownupchic.wordpress.com denany

    ha! I went to high school with jimmy, dude that plays obama. i’m just glad he’s got a steady gig.

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    I don’t know about this musical thing but dude is looking-good. The woman playing Michelle looks like a cougar getting some young meat though.

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