Tyrese Sends a Twitter PSA to All the Baby Mama’s that Got Something to say About They Baby Daddy

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To all the Baby Mama’s that complain about their Baby’s Daddy, obviously Tyrese is sick and tired of hearing about it and decided to drop share his thoughts on the situation.

Don’t Worry Dead Beat Dads, He has some words for ya’ll under the Hood…

Sounds like someone is having some serious Baby Mama Drama!!!


  • Apo6

    Indeed I am glad that a positve message is sent to these deadbeat men who claim to be fathers!

  • I'm Just Me: This is the pic of a N*gga that doesn't give a f*ck!! 91 Days!!

    I was about to go in but he went at the pappy’s too, so I am going to say good job T.

  • JoVah

    Good job Tyrese as well. Both sides need to do their part. Especially the daddy. There are more dead beat daddies than dead beat mamas thats for damn sure.

  • Pookie

    I like his last tweet “Enjoy what you ordered” preach the gospel Tyrese, LMAO

  • Ya'll Gross

    I find it discusting the way adults in the black community have stripped responsibility and pride from the word PARENT. Shame on all of you for making/ having children with people you have NO business having children with. It seems like black America almost endorses having children with anyone you meet by giving the impression that there are no consequences for such action.

    F*ck Tyrese. He’s a low life piece of sh*t who makes children with no consideration of the consequences. Children are living, breathing people- NOT things that will not mature one day and learn that they’re parents think of them as nothing more than a paycheck or publicity for a stuggling career.

  • candyg69

    As long as I have known about Tyrese he has always shown that he is a great dad and wants to be apart of his daughters life. So whoever u are baby mama respect that man. He doesnt have to love u to love what yall created. Gud fathers are hard to find. Actually you are lucky

  • Cali

    This is true, there are so many women who use their kids as weapons to punish men who have moved on with their lives. It really is disgusting that a woman would punish the father thereby punish her own child because of personal issues. SMH!

  • smoovebuttah

    @redbonekillbill Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    damn Tyrese,what’s good between you & the mother of your daughter? btw,isn’t he married/separated?

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    however I do agree with what he says & @rebonekillbill I cosign

  • dana

    Tyrese…..this is Tyrese????? c’mon son! stfu – he could’ve sent $$$ to Haiti and stfu instead of trying to remain relevant.

  • dana

    Tyrese needs to sit the hell down somewhere – all of a sudden you have 1 child and you want to open your crusty mouth about single parent hood – each case is different. It gets ugly when men think children don’t need $ to live. they $ to go to school, they need $ for food and child care, $ for clothes, etc. stfu – puh lease. brothers need to stop acting like kids can survive off of 200.00 a month…like we’re trying to rob them. I encourage any woman with a child to seek child support. Children can not support themselves….do not be ignorant.

  • http://esaw@rock.com REAL TALK

    i wanna see him try to preach this s?hit to judge joe brown.

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  • http://esaw@rock.com REAL TALK

    all talkin and no digging in his pockets.

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  • Niasia

    What I don’t understand is why women always have to be the one with the child. Why can’t the men keep the children and the women pay child support. I bet they would think differently about $200 then. I wonder what the “single father” stigma would be then? Thats what ladies need to do…make the men find a place to live, find a baby sitter, pay day care, buy food, clothes and so on with their meager salaries…oh and $200 in child support…I think that may be just enough to cover the day care. If men were the ones with the weight and struggle of raising a child on their own…shoot abortions would be free!

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