Destiny’s Child Reunites without Beyonce

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Destiny’s Child can still come together and have a good time without Mrs. Knowles-Carter. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams had a sleepover with Beyonce’s cousin, Angie Beyince but Bey Bey was not invited.

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According to Michelle Williams and Angie Beyince’s twitter, the girls were having a sleep over to catch up on some girl talk. Especially since Michelle announced that she dropped Matthew as her manager, Kelly probably had some words of advice for her fellow band mate.

Does Beyonce have any friends??? Seems kind of lonely at the top and especially when you sh*zz on your the one person that you grew up with…


  • Ms Debb

    oh well!!!!!!

  • Mariah H

    lol im first


    washed up skanks, i knew kelly wouldn’t bump like that!

  • Trezame_Chic_Songz

    What did u expect? Beyonce and Matthew used all them girls from destiny’s child… kelly shoulda get the hell out from when latoya left Matthew’s fake azz. His only mission was to get his daughter to the top. Now she’s lonely smdh

  • http://Bossip lj

    Beyonce is a machine. She could care less who doesn’t like it. Lol if you really think Beyonce gives a damn about a friend. If you ask me she could care less about Jay-Z. Beyonce is programmed to def and she will keep going untill she has a shortage and the mechanics put her on a table and fix her, change her fuses and shish, fix her wires.Then it’s back to the stage over and over again and again…money is life for her

  • honduriancandyny

    her name is Angie Beyince? lol..too funny anyways,while they’re having a slumber party,Beyonce’s probably mingling @ some event or having a good time with her husband. Anyways,I like Kelly

  • Mrs. Rance

    Maybe she just couldn’t make it. B is a very busy girl, unlike the ones at the slumber party. Maybe they’ll have another one once she takes her 6 month break she promised us.

  • http://Bossip lori

    Yeah Beyonce’s mingling at parties like she has for over a decade, with a bucket of make-up plastered on from head to toe, can’t even blink or smile, or with a 2 pound wig on. Yeah she is having a lot of fun living in groundhog day same thing different day, yeah much fun over 10 years fun

  • TRUTH IS....

    i like kelly…beyonce was selfish to her

  • Proud ArmyWifee

    This was probably a set up, to find out stuff/gossip/relationships to report back to beyonce. Come on now beyonce, is it that serious????


  • getting down

    Beyonce was probably with her husband, while these woman were with each other. And husband-less.

  • Jay32

    I don’t think she wasn’t invited or anything of that nature but whenever one of her childhood friends drops Matthew Knoweles as their manager,Beyonce’s friendship with them seems to not exist.When Letoya and Latavia decided to change managers Beyonce relationship with was terminated;I don’t know for a fact but it seems like the samething has happen to her relationship with kelly.Michelle and Kelly are very talented but when you aren’t getting the same promotion and big name producers and song writters as Beyonce gets it does seem like the other girls are less talented.If an artist doesn’t have the right people working for them then they won’t be successful regardless of how talented they are.Rihanna doesn’t have any talent but she has a great promotion team and her management gets her the top people in the industry to come up with her music.Its not just about talent its also about having the right people behind you doing the things you can’t do.


    all u bey haterz, sit down…as for this article, well hopefully it ain’t so na’mean cause they’ve been friends since the word go. hopefully it’s all luv with them.

  • Just Silly...

    Beyonce has a business, a husband and family. Yea, they are still her friends, but what grown women schedule a pajama party and then tweet all night long about it. Clearly THEY have no friends or life. It’s a little pathetic really. So kelly just came to eat and sleep?

  • Mya

    Funny How you say that But Kelly just said something about the girls that they love each other

    Although all three Destiny’s Child bandmates have gone their separate ways, Beyonce is in LA with hubby Jay-Z working on a new album, Michelle Williams is in London reprising the roll of Roxie Hart in Chicago and Kelly Rowland is in Miami finishing her album, Kelly told OK! that a reunion isn’t completely out of the picture!

    ‘We’re all supporting each other from a distance,’ Kelly told OK! at the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure 2010 at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. ‘It’s not a Destiny’s Child space right now but who knows? Maybe.’

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