For the Stans: Bey Bey Lists Six Things She’s Doing on her 6 Month Break

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Some new pics of Beyonce behind the scenes of her perfume shoot have surfaced.  Pop the top for more pics of Bey Bey and a list of things she’ll be doing during “her break”.

Beyonce says during her break:

1. She is not stepping into the studio and will stay away from her shoots and recordings.
2. She would eat out a lot and would be visiting lots and lots of restaurants.
3. She is also eager to take up a few classes (maybe cooking or French-learning)
4. She is also keen to head into theatres and watch lots of movies munching popcorns to give her jaws something to work upon.
5. She, even, is desirous of making a dash to the Broadway theatres and witness some plays. Hmmm….
6. And finally, she quips, she’d be doing a lot of random things (of which neither she nor we have any idea, at present).

Damn we guess Jay and babymaking didn’t make the list huh Bey???


  • Miss N


  • Listen Closely

    Good for her.

  • Ros Fitzgerald
  • Barbie B. Inc

    I’m sure babymaking is on her list. But she’s not going to tell us that…Duh!!

  • iamhiswife


  • BossLadyJess504

    Luv Me Some Bey Bey… she can do no wrong in my eyes..top10???

  • Mrs hov

    live beyonce alone she already pregnant just wait[grammy jan 31] everyon will be chock

  • jay b

    (4)that girl know she don’t anything else for her jaws to work on. 8==D

  • Keisha

    She’s gonna get fat

  • WTH

    I mean really, WTH is “French-Learning”??? Did you mean French Lessons????? A trained MONKEY coulda wrote a better article! Just HORRIBLE writing…


    dont forget about number 7 find a way to get it in more with my bodygaurd julious ?



    and let me guess yall gona say she choose 6 because of jay and the Illuminati right ?


  • ChitownFinest008

    soft P.O.R.N…. yeah I said it…lol

  • Po' Bounc'y

    How shallow can someone be??? A 14 year old is more pensive.

    How dreadful…

  • Re

    I foresee her 6 month break being highly publicized.

    Meaning, it won’t be a 6 month break from the media. Meaning, we won’t be getting a 6 month break from Beyonce.

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