Rihanna Takes a Break from Fu*kin for Publicity to Work

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Rihanna was seen leaving a recording studio in West Hollywood last night solo. That’s something we haven’t seen in a couple weeks. Matt where you at??? More pics of Rihanna and her no talent a** once you pop the top.


  • BeaLady

    Rihanna does in fact have talent and her album is all that.

  • jd

    ha im first

  • jd

    dang no im not

  • Pookie

    I like the subtle look. But that hair am still not sure

  • lala

    I actually liked her Rated R album. Wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Pretty good.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Rihanna gave Breezy the gift that keeps on giving. She is not a role model for young girls.


  • Anton Slizzardhands


  • Dj Kelly Kiss

    I have to agree…. this site is getting out of hand… I mean Rihanna is moving on with her life…. and it’s only normal for her to start dating… or would u rather her be locked in her room crying over that ugly boy… chris brown

  • MsYoungGifted&Raw

    any woman that dresses like a escort or consider themselves A b8TCH..or tat guns on them and sings about lickin them obviously doesnt give a f**k about respect.

  • http://yahoo divabb

    Yeah maybe blossip have a lotta hate for Rihanna, but they seems to even have more hate for Beyonce Jay-z Kanye and Amber Rose too.

  • MsYoungGifted&Raw

    I dont feel sorry for so called “women” whom in public show the least bit of respect for themselves…but in return EXPECT for many to respect them…BS…pity da fkn fool my a**…it would by a whole different scenario if he was dissin women like Michelle Obama, Angela Basset, Nia Long, Oprah Winfrey, and such women that carry themselves with diginity class and respect…but when ur a woman that considers themselves a “b!tch” and dresses like a “b!tch that dont care” and act like “b!tch that doesnt give a f**k”…then expect to recieve that sort of attention….why defened a “murderer if he likes to kill”…the same goes for why defend a “b!tch if shes like to be a b*tch”??????

  • omo

    sorry chris aint ugly

  • I'm in Love with CBreezy

    @ DJ Kelly Kiss, I’m all for Rhitard moving on with her life but Chris Brown is NOT ugly!!!

  • MsYoungGifted&Raw

    @Daywalker…lmao….sorry LOVE did I offend your God or oops my bad your Idol?? LMAO never will u come at me like that over a broad u never met and if ya she probably wouldnt give 2fks about u….and umm whomever u were referin to love …damn thats real fkd up U had to diss them they like bcuz I know for certain u wasnt referin to me mama…fortunately for me UR pyscho has no clue about me and my personal appearance or life…sweetie im not rihanna or no fkn celeb so talk that mess about the ppl u read up on to gossip about miss thang *2snaps and a wink*…

  • MsYoungGifted&Raw

    @DAYWALKER..TRYIN DAYWALKIN YO a** outta that dream of urs broad…in the words of Ti “u may have seen on me on the screen..but mama u dont know me”….LOL…

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