Seen on the Scene: Pep and her Homegirls in NYC

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Pepa and her girls hit up Quo nightclub in NYC to celebrate her new show “Let’s Talk About Pep”.  The whole gang came out to support even Salt. 

Pop the top for a ton of flicks from the event and more.

Bossip was in the building for the event and got to chop it up with Salt who says she is actually working on an inspirational book and some new music.  She says that she and Pep are still good friends and business partners, and that Pep’s new show is actually under their production company “Salt and Pep” productions. 

We asked her if a Salt n’ Pepa reunion album was anywhere in the future, and she says the two are working on new material and still do shows so just look out.

On a sidenote: don’t these women remind you of an urban knock off version of Sex and the City???


  • Hannibal


  • MadeByChevy25

    Awww look at Salt…

  • http://Bossip Tapanga G.

    @Glok… They took the picture and she was caught off guard! Kittie must of played you man or women cause that was some a statement made by a hater! Hate on Hater! You must live in D.C. but are a NO Body cause you still mad!!!

  • NICE

    man o man kittie makes me want to throw up in my mouth. smh at ja rule wearing a non-fitted hat and actually showing up there at all. no wonder 50 bodied him.

  • Krusher Kronkite

    They give successful black women a bad name!

    And The Award Goes To……Hollywood’s Biggest Secret Exposed!

  • moneymagnet

    After seeing that show with Salt & Pep. I would NEVER invite SALT’S controlling butt ANYWHERE! She’s a mood killer in the worst way. Acting like she wasn’t a freak back in the day…LOL

    This show is quite interesting, not sure why Joumana is on there, but KITTIE is HILARIOUS!

  • Chris

    I read somewhere that Salt and her sister exective produce “Let’s Talk about Pep.”

  • NYC

    Ya’ll forever hate’n on our own people! One word people… “Support” What are you going to say when there are no people of color with shows or represented on TV like it use to be??? Damn the follow-up song to “Pants on the Ground” should be “Crab in a Barrel, Crabs in a Barrel all u haters are Crabs in a Barrel” SMHID! (Shaking my head in Disgust!!!)

    Do your things Ladies!!! Keep stunt’n on these haters! S&P were the baddest lyricists in the game!!!


    isn’t Salt a re-born Christian??? y the hell she in the club!!!???

  • Whats the issue

    i love the show u all are always so negative. go pep do your thing girl!

  • Leemajors

    The show should be called “Let’s Talk About Plastic Surgery”. All of the women look like the have had some work done….I wonder when Jackie will have work done….Hmmmm!

  • daahlingnikki

    Well SNTC was just a knock-off of Golden Girls and Living Single IMO….But I like this little show…Kittie is funny and when that dude caught his curl on fire I laughed my butt off…I hope Pep finally found someone to dust them cobwebs off that thing…

  • lee

    Wonder how the show is

  • Keep it together girl!

    They look old and desperate. “Desperation makes a stinking cologne.”

  • vallie

    You go ladies. I love the show. If you are a certain age and want a relationship-GO FOR IT!!!! You have my vote

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