Jesus Take The Wheel: ATL Actor Wanted For Beating His Infant Daughter, Breaking Multiple Bones

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ATL actor Markice “Kesan” Moore is currently wanted by police for allegedly beating his one-year-old daughter, causing multiple fractures including two broken arms, a broken leg, three broken ribs, a broken collarbone and bruising. Look under the hood for Kesan’s “side of the story”.

The MTV reality star accused of brutally attacking his one-year-old daughter claims he’s not the “monster” he appears to be — and insists he never once laid a hand on his child.

TMZ spoke with Markice “Kesan” Moore — who’s currently wanted by Georgia police — and the former “From G’s to Gents” star claims he plans on turning himself in to authorities some time this afternoon.

Moore claims the only thing he should be held accountable for is the broken wrist his daughter suffered when she fell out of her bed in July — while under his care.

As for his daughter’s other reported injuries — 2 broken arms, broken leg, 3 broken ribs, broken collarbone and bruising — Moore claims the damage was not caused under his watch.

Moore insists he never intended to run from the situation — he claims he just wanted to “get everything in order” before turning himself in.

Moore claims he’s being unfairly judged because he punched someone in the face on the MTV show — and tells TMZ, “I love my daughter.”

We’re going to hold off on saying this mofo needs to be on an express train to hell — for now. At this time we’ll just say we hope his daughter fully recovers and is somewhere safe, where she is protected. And Kesan, we suggest you go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect the a*s-whooping we suspect you deserve.


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