Peaches And Queens… Atlanta Crowned Gayest City In America

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Well no sh*t Sherlock, if this ain’t the most obvious sh*t we heard all week. Atlanta, GA(Y) was just declared the gayest city in America. If you can’t understand why Atlanta won the snapfest, look under the hood for the qualifying criteria…

Georgia isn’t the most gay-friendly state, but Atlanta is undoubtedly our gayest city—with 29 gay bars here, there’s a reason it’s dubbed Hotlanta. Atlanta’s several queer events include one of the nation’s largest Prides in October (returning to Piedmont Park this year), and MondoHomo, a May event celebrating art, drag, burlesque, film, and BBQ. The gay epicenter is Midtown, anchored by Outwrite Books, a giant gay bookstore bucking the national trend—by staying in business! Atlanta guys are hunky, the ladies are gracious, the gay sports leagues are seriously well organized, and its housewives (and their gay BFFs, complete with handbags and heels) are now camp icons. And who doesn’t love the sweet lilt of a Georgia accent on a knockout guy or gal?

Congrats to The Advocate for that brilliant newsflash. When your Checkers checkout girl looks like Timmy the Shimmy, it shouldn’t take great gaydar to figure out Atlanta is a mecca for ‘Mo’s.

P.S. We love you Derek J. Fefe



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