Lil Guido-Girl Snooki Gets Her Freak On

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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” got it all the way in with some lucky stud while out partying recently. No comment on her crack action. SMH.

Flip the script if you’re interested in reading about Snooki’s eating disorder….

Following last week’s episode of Jersey Shore — in which we learned Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi had an eating disorder — the 21-year-old reality starlet says her illness reached a dangerous point.

“In high school, I really wouldn’t eat,” Polizzi said during an interview on The Insider — sans her signature hair poof. “It got so crazy that I would only eat a cracker or a cucumber a day and I would feel full.”

Polizzi explained that the school nurse realized she had a problem when she came in everyday to weigh herself. When the nurse saw Polizzi was down to 80 pounds, she notified her parents.

“My parents told me, ‘You need to eat, this is very dangerous,'” said Polizzi, who added that her parents made her read articles about girls having health issues and dying from eating disorders. “That scared me. So I gained my weight back to like 98, where I always was.”


  • Peep The Video Here

    What is up with this chick?

  • MadeByChevy25

    Im sick of this tramp

  • Nique

    These losers have 8 mins left of their 15.

    She could’ve fooled me with the “eating disorders” the way she was fu*ckin up those pickles

  • tb

    Her parents must be proud.

    Sidebar: Love both boots.


    snooki a hoe!

  • Drenk

    @ Re- Just Laugh Sometimes

    It is crude BUT she calls herself that so….

  • Hotmomma

    WOW Snickers….I wouldve never known she had a eating disorder she kinda thick around the waist but hey thats a good thing

    Sidenote…them boots are NOT the business

  • Macori, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

    That picture is yuck and after that I don’t care to know who/what Snooki is.

  • 6 Figgaz

    This b*tch has a busted face and she’s dumb as f*ck.

  • 2Sweet

    Slow day huh???!

  • It's Me

    She is a h.o.e and always will be one. She will be pregnant when this boring show goes off.

    I like the seen when some dude punch her azz in the face and knocked her azz out…



    @@@ <> @@@@
    @@@ <> @@@@

  • natalia

    She reminds me of an Italian Lil Kim…SMH

  • Lola

    c l a s s y

  • E

    she wishes she weighed 98 lbs….

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