The Face of a True Dumb-Ass

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This simple ass self-hating buffoon was heard talkin some stupid sh*t on Lip Service recently. Yung Berg gets no respect – none whatsoever.

F**king idiots. Everyone knows the darker the berry the sweeter the juice.

Shout out to Alyssa!

Get a glimpse of Yung Berg’s type under the hood.

The ANYM’s Jaslene’s sickly looking ass.

Thanks Janero!


  • Vinandi


  • Hannibal


  • 6 Figgaz

    Hence the “Yung” in his name… Stupid lil’ n*gga…

  • t

    young berg is gay….everyones knows that…..notice he says dark butts…get in.

  • Vinandi

    “its rare that I do black butts”

    ” I never do chicks darker than me”

    ” any gel that uses brown gel to lay down her baby hair is not happening for me”

  • LdyK

    you know this is a prime example of how ni___ are and act. therr are MANY men that feel that way professional and not. I hinestly like my brownskin and love it even more after it’s been sunkissed. Young berg can go ahead…cause I DON’T LIKE MEN WITH SPEACH IMPEDIMENTS aka LISPS…not cute on anyone at any age! What a fool!

  • 2nd2nun

    this little one-hit wonder really needs to go sit in a damn corner somewhere … I mean, who is really checking for his azz anyway!?!

  • LdyK


  • Angee

    Idiot!! Stupid Idiot!!

    This little boy need to sit down somewhere. I did not like him anyway, and now he just sealed the deal!! His rap is weak anyway!!

  • {{ The INFAMOUS }} Ms. Sugar Walls

    btw: I am light brown! lol

  • {{ The INFAMOUS }} Ms. Sugar Walls


    He is nothing,He is young and maybe he love licking white chicks ass! Who knows and cares! He won’t be around! I can see him and soulja boy going out on the same talentless train!

  • black velveteen

    Hmmm.. I’m just curious as to what SMDH will have to say about this.

  • Pretty Princess

    IGNORANCE PERSONIFIED and I call a POX on his soul. I hope that a lightskin booty who passes the pool test, takes his ass thru the ringer, takes the $50 he has in his bank account, passes on a painful disease, has him paying child support for 2 asian kids that are not his and then at the very end of the relationship: ties him to a bed and allows 3 ligthskin men to come in and rob him of all that he owns and basically leave him shivering naked on his front lawn!!

  • ilovemariah

    I agree wit u Whoa…i’m not considered dark and im not light like mariah but my complexion is nice and i have good hair so forget him b/c he’s not cute anyway and looks ghetto as hell.. so who cares im sure light skinned women are not thinking about his clown ass either….lol

  • The Urban Magnate

    Chicago artists seem to love to genius out their P.R talk. Kanye, Lupe, Kells, Berg…notice a soup sandwich trend?

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