Nivea Debuts Body After Having Baby: Bangin’ or Still Needs Some Work?!?!

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Less than two months ago Nivea gave birth to baby Neal, Lil Wayne’s 3rd son, and she’s already back on the grind performing and making appearances. Nivea wasted no time but is she ready???

Pop the Top for a Peek at Nivea’s Body and her Performance

Bangin’ or Still Needs Some Work??!?!?!

Nivea and local Atlanta rapper Rasheeda remixed Drake and Timbaland’s “Say Something Baby.” Check the Live Performance:

Images and Video via Freddy-O


  • b!tch

    Banging! how are these bishes bouncing back like this?

  • MadeByChevy25

    She looks alright, just bigger then what she was. Now if she want to get back to where she was then she “still needs some work”.

  • shelly-chelle

    still needs work…plus that coochie needs some rest!

  • Steph Steph

    That outfit needs some work. She on the other hand looks okay.

  • cherry

    she looks great, but still needs some work.
    and…i don’t like that red dress))) in black she’d look better for sure!

  • precious

    Wow! she looks really nice to have just had a baby good for her.

  • strawberry

    Atleast she’s not sitting around satisifed with just being Lil Wayne’s baby mama. I guess she still wanna continue getting on her grind.

  • Prime

    I’m sooooo not feeling this outfit!!! Rasheeda looks hott tho!

  • siara

    I love their remix to “SAy Sumthing”!!! nice .. Get it Randy Watson !! she looks good for only after 2 months..

  • resurrected

    It’s like these chicks are delusional… So what and now you want to model that for everyone all of little Wayne baby momma has issues and it like they are on or in the Truman Show or something…

  • Johnny_Flaco

    looks decent I guess…why did she get pregnant again?

  • tb

    Uuum, what is she making appearances for? She has dropped an album since the 90’s.

    I hate people that wear sunglasses at night. How they hell do they see in front of them?

    She is looking better than she did before she had the baby.

  • Toni

    She looks cute. I probably would like the song if I could hear it.

  • DizzyGuy1985

    She will never have to work again The Dream + Lil Waynes Baby= Set For Life

  • boot

    she is such an average looking chick…. what is her claim to fame again???

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