Melyssa Ford is in “Kontrol” Wrapped Around Some Chocolate Cakes…

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Melyssa Ford is constantly letting everyone know that she is taking charge of her career and ridding herself of the title “video-hoe.” Melyssa covers the up-coming issue of Kontrol magazine. Normally, the focus is on her but in the pic under hood, all we can say is… Good Gracious of Life, Now that is a Nice Set of Cakes…


Kontrol is the same magazine that Teyana Taylor and Teairra Mari covered. Check out the rest of their pics below:


  • pynk♥{On my "Kanye's Work-Out Plan" tip, LoL :)}

    Ok, this Teyana Taylor character… Who is she? & What is she known for??? I’m confused…

  • Bacqui

    WTF Is Teyana Taylor Being Interviewed For??? Who Gives A Sh!t About This Fugly Child!!!,,

  • KeepNit2Real

    pynk♥{On my “Kanye’s Work-Out Plan” tip, LoL :)}

    1/25/10, 11:03:am

    Ok, this Teyana Taylor character… Who is she? & What is she known for??? I’m confused…


    you have to admit Pynk….she makes a great photog subject though. =]

  • Choco

    LOL at Made- nappy ponytail

    And yeah that chocolate candybar is looking FOINE…but Melyssa still being depicted as a hoe look at all the men surrounding her—

  • Conte


    I have to say you are 100% correct with both of your comments. LOL


  • afrodite

    he’s a god. he looks absolutely chiseled out of stone. mmm…i’m actually jealous of her in that pic

  • afrodite

    black men are just the best, hands down. other men don’t even seem like men in comparison

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    wash ya a**

    1/25/10, 11:35:am

    @ glok9

    even tho you say it in the most hood ghetto way possible , your comments are always on point.


  • tb

    Not a good look…she is surrounded by Zesty men!

  • brandimus

    we love them chocolate cakes

  • Whaaa?

    He’s foine! All that chocolately goodness…

  • Gmen

    f’ck all self-hating nikkaz who does same fake azz mixed light-skinned kids and kills my black race!

  • Realest

    I have to agree with you on MELISSA FRAUD… I’m tired of black women with big butts and no damn brain to support it.. That’s why I only date white and Indian girls…

  • Gmen

    I’m happy and proud to be real dark-skinned black men!

  • Gmen

    My girlfriend is still white though.

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