Shaniqua Goes for the Gold

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And with that suspect fire still under investigation, she just might get it too:

Paul Catsandonis, lawyer for 50 Cent ex Shaniqua Tompkins, has disclosed that his client is suing the rapper for $50 million dollars in damages resulting from a fire than destroyed the home she was living in.In May, a suspicious fire destroyed 50’s Long Island property, which the Queens mogul had successfully obtained eviction on for Tompkins.

In the fallout, Tompkins accused 50 of setting the fire himself to avoid having to honor an agreement made between them. She has since filed a restraining order. The NY State Supreme Court will hear arguments on July 15 regarding the insurance proceeds on the destroyed home. Suffolk County Family Court commences proceedings on July 17 to hear arguments for 50’s visitation rights.

So the Bugsy vs. Shaniqua saga continues. It’s never-ending with these two. SMH.



  • Gina83

    You cant sue for something you havent proved the defendant did.

  • Roxie

    How is she going to sue for damages and its not even her house?

  • creolediva

    You cant sue for something you havent proved the defendant did.


    its not a murder trial, lol….with that said, she has a leg to stand on…

  • Richard

    He has no motive. He had alrady obtained an eviction notice.

  • Richard

    She’s trying to throw the scent off. If 50 wanted to burn his house down he would have done it when his son was at school and out of the house.

    No king wants his heir dead.

  • Earth Sign

    She is going to make his life hell. A scorn baby momma can be your worst nightmare.

  • bayouswampman

    To hell with 50. I hope she wins. Maybe that will make him shut the hell up & worry about his own business rather than what everyone else is doing.

  • KC

    Shameful. Just one more reason why I think she did it. Trying to play the victim after she got shut down by the courts over child support and the house. Let’s hope the 3rd time does the trick & she buys a clue about needing to end the drama.

  • Richard

    Silly Rabbit.

  • Bird

    I know he’d rather spite her, but I think he would be better off just paying this girl off and getting rid of her for good. If he doesn’t she is going to be a thorn in his side until lil man finishes his education.

  • NY2CaliLvn

    she is truly buggin can we say Frivilous suit damn just cause its free to select a lawyer (money grubber) like her to try to extort yur way into somebody else wallet doesn’t mean we should do it plz let justice prevail

  • Tryin' 2 find a Screen name


  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!!

    In situations like this, the only ones to suffer are the children.We need to make tubal ligations and vasectomies mandatory in some instances.

    Neither one of them should have the honor of reproducing!

  • ~Godiva Luv~

    So she has filed another 50 million dollar lawsuit?

  • tori


    This is just foolish. I don’t think she set that fire. She had to escape to the roof with none of her belongings and her children. She would of done it when no one was home and where she could escape safely. Not a 4am in the morning with the rest of her family sleeping. That is just dumb.

    I do think 50 cent did it. I saw him on an MTV interview which he stated I don’t see my son. I’m too busy working this struct me as odd, and It didn’t sound right to myself. A kind loving Father wouldn’t try to evict him from his home, and he certainly would have called to check on him after the fire, regardless of the beef between him and shaniqua. There are parents out there who do not have emotional attachment to their offspring, regard them as nuisances, and wish they were never born. They also blame their kids for all of their troubles.

    I’m not saying he is one of them but the facts are not in his favor by his behavior and disregard for his son’s well being. Just becasue he is a superstar doesn’t mean he is a decent human being.

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