For Discussion: Misa says “We Want Kim Porter to Accept Chance but She’s Not Ready Yet… but I Accepted Christian!!!”

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Yesterday we posted Misa’s interview and there was a one thing she said that stood out:

We want Kim to accept Chance but she’s just not ready yet… but I accepted Christian…

Diddy met Kim Porter and Sarah Chapman around the same time but Kim was considered to be the “main girl.” Like Misa said, Diddy cheated on her with both of them at the same time. Even though Diddy was wrong on so many levels, should Kim punish Chance???

For Kim not to recognize Chance means that there is a good possibility that D’Lila and Jesse never get to interact with their sister. Misa made a valid point when she said that she accepted Christian because before Kim and Sarah, it was just her and then Justin came along.If your significant other cheats on you and a baby comes as a result of the situation, it’s not the child’s fault and they should not be punished.

We understand if Kim wants nothing to do with Sarah but Chance is innocent. Whether Kim wants to accept it or not, Chance is their and needs to interact with her other siblings.

So… Do you feel that it is right for Kim not to accept Chance???


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  • Slap Your Mother

    Kim needs to understand that Misa was the FIRST LADY and Kim was just the FIRST C.A.S.S.I.E. She needs to stop throwin her weight around like she wasn’t a ‘Sarah’ to begin with.

  • forreal

    These “women” sound like damaged little girls with self-esteem issues…..who the f$&* wants to share some no good n$(@a

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  • resurrected

    Why do people always expect for people who is already fully involved in dirt and there own level of selfishness to be mature to me none of these woman were mature except maybe the baby’s mother the rest of them were just hoes in the waiting… To me the only person need to except this life style on a big level is Diddy because they all connect thro his azz…

  • MadeByChevy25

    But to comment…I think Kim is wrong for not accepting Chance, she innocent in this situation. By Kim not acknowledging her just make her look selfish and childish, like Misa said she could have easily done the same to Christian but she didn’t and why would she it wasn’t his fault. Hopefully in the near future she will come around, but really grow up Kim.

  • chocalatetunda

    no im not. but anyways. coming from a girl who was in a relationship and had my ex-boyfriend cheat on me and had a baby, its hard. its not the childs fault its innocent but if you cant handle it leave and thats what i did. it was to much for me. its one thing to cheat but to have a baby thats crossing the line. but in kims case you already knew what the biz’ness was. u chose to deal and put up with that. she was the mistress at first come on now. just cause u becameed #1 didnt mean the cheating was gonna stop. he was messing with both of yall at the same time. Diddy gaY ANYWAYS

  • LIBRA6N7

    Children are innocent and have nothing to do with their parents bad choices. Should she accept her yes but does she have to no. I wouldn’t trust a woman who I know does not like me around my child.

  • Aunt Viv

    I agree that children produced from adulterous relationships are not to be punished, but Kim should do what she needs to do in her own time, despite what Misa did.

    Kim’s been made fool of by PDoody so many times over the years, so what’s the rush now?

  • yika

    misa wasn’t with diddy when kim was pregnant with christian as a matter of fact diddy and kim were engaged. Why should kim porter care about what others think about how she should feel or act ? It’s her life, let her live it.

  • resurrected


    I hear that I am I am in the same situation but the mother is died which makes it easier but men need to understand that not evenone is going to be mature and they have waited for him for a while so they no longer care about the bigger picture but only with what they wants… Diddy did not pick stable parents for his children and this is what happens when you chase azz and only measures a person by the fun that you can have with them… No once cares to find a whole person but just a peice of a person…

  • BLANK A$$ Stare

    Is this really anybody business????

  • resurrected

    All I see is a whole that trys to make U the victim and never wants U to be true to yourself… As much as if hurt to see your man run with other byches this is the main reason why I am waiting to have children becuz I deserve more for my time and patience…

  • resurrected

    Children are innocent but the mothers are not and that same vindictive woman will still be in the picture but now with a children to reck more havoc…

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