This is What’s Wrong with Hip-Hop

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According to HipHopWired, The Game recently said the following:

“After you learned how to read & do addition, what else did we need school for that we use in everyday life as an adult?”

If you’re not in the know, 50 Cent still makes money off every The Game album you purchase. We are not sure but college or law school may have prevented the suspect contract he signed with Bugsy Curtis. Someone needs to tell ‘Game’ that not everyone from the street can be a rapper or play ball. SMH. Continue…


  • Hannibal


  • TRUTH IS....

    lol….where is real talk and glok…i need your two cents….hahaha


    Compton’s finest.


    Gutter rat mentality.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Game & his rhetoric have been way too off as if lately. This is the 3rd recent story I’ve read of him rambling nonsense. What the heck? If this is his so-called technique to obtain some publicity especially since he has an album on the way,it’s not working lmao. Wonder if this si the crap he installs in his young sons minds? smh

  • Mojoboko

    @ Dont be Scurrred….you do see his left hand right

  • done 4

    this bi-polar fool is sooooooooo SAD

  • LadyLOGICbeatzREASON

    How ’bout changing this to ‘What’s Wrong With Game?”

    HipHop did not make this brotha stupid. And 50 wasn’t wrong for capitalizing on this fool.

    This fella needs to stick to the homo-thuggin’ and stop attempting to speak on matters that are beyond him–like why school is a good thing and being stupid isn’t. smdh…

  • white male

    yes kids drop out of school and get tattoos on your faces

  • foxxy cleopatra foster

    i always say go to college, but he does have a point. after high school you have all the knowledge to be a productive adult. college is just confirmation to employers that you can do certain jobs.

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    Dude sounds like a certified retard

  • White Women Rule

    Absolute Tomm Foolery for those of you who believe it. Life is what you make it. If you choose to become stagnant, so be it. If you choose to become a non-productive bastard making machine then so be it. Make no mistake however a college education is priceless. But if you don’t instill education and core values in your children then what’s the purpose of expecting them to become productive adults. It’s always easier to make excuses for bad behaivor. There is really no need to wonder why your children are dead last in every educational category.

  • heycutiewinkwink

    Bi Polar
    Bi Sexual
    Buy not his album
    and last but not least Bye Bye Fruitcake on so many levels. Ugh imagine that face in 30 years with wrinkles and those spooky tattoos and scary eyes. He will look great in a haunted house. 50 cent may look like Condeleeza Rice is his lost twin sister but at least he had the sense not to tattoo his face ugh

  • Marquis de Sade

    I’ll tell ya’ what’s wrong with HIP HOP – IT EXIST!

  • Yoda

    This is What’s Wrong with Hip-Hop:
    Homo Thugs,
    Promotions of Drugs and Violence
    Lack of anything relevent to say.
    Crappy Lyrical Skills (Soulja Boy – Nicki Manaj to name a few)
    becoming too commercial.

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