True or False: Did Brad Pitt Ditch Angelina for Jen???

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It seems like there was more than “Hope for Haiti” at the telethon last week, because Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston may have rekindled something when they had an emotional reunion. 

More details under the hood.

Jennifer and Brad reunited with each other for the first time in 5 years and according to sources the sparks did fly.  Brad who’s been having marital issues with Angelina has fantasized about the idea of getting back with his ex-wife a close source says.  According to the source Brad feels that leaving Jennifer is the biggest mistake he has ever made.

Those close to Brad say he’s still a bit jealous about Jen talking to other men even though he’s married with a family.  While Brad and Angelina are on the current verge of a breakup we hear Jen is still open to reopening her relationship with Brad and has let go of the harsh feelings she had towards him and Angelina.  She is promoting a “drama-free” zone, something that Brad misses and doesn’t get from his wife.

We would love to see Hollywood’s first couple get back together, but what do you all think???


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