Out of Pocket: Diddy Rented The Gold Crown He Gave Justin For His B-Day

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Diddy crowned his son Justin the “Prince of New York” at his sweet 16 birthday bash last week, but he crowned him with a RENTED gold crown. Pop the top for the details.

Apparently Diddy wasn’t all smiles after he found out the crown had been misplaced and he may actually have to pay for it.  The crown was rented along with two thrones from a theatrical agency and the crown itself cost $5000.  Justin wore the crown when he was unveiled to the crowd, but by the end of the night it was nowhere to be found. After an intense search, it was found in a stylist’s car with Justin’s change of clothes.

Close call, but we don’t see why he was stressed. As far as we can tell, he’s not hurting for cash considering he was handing out money left and right at NY DJ Enuff’s b-day bash, along with giving $100 to a homeless man outside the club that same night.

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