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Cassie and Diddy Drinking

This should come as no shock:

Reports are surfacing that the clandestine romance between Sean “Diddy” Combs and R&B singer Cassie is not kaput. Rumor has long put Diddy in a romantic relationship with his protege Cassie. Though they have consistently denied the affair, the pair was photographed last May snuggling in New York City’s Central Park in a manner that appeared to be much more than business.

Still, the evidence is hard to ignore, and now Cassie has allegedly added fuel to the fire with an offhand comment made at a party in New York this week. The 21-year-old singer was leaving the birthday celebration when she was asked to confirm reports she and Combs were no longer an item. She said, “I will confirm that rumor.” But there’s more. A party goer reportedly told Us Weekly magazine Cassie and Diddy were later seen “slipping out” together after the bash.

This f*kin for tracks poster-child better watch her back. Given Diddy’s track record, she could be in for a world of hurt.

Click HERE for a refresher of them all hugged up on Mother’s day. Where’s Kim Porter when you need her???



  • Joey Boats



    Uhhh who cares?! Im sick of hearing sbout these two together

  • necy


  • Joey Boats

    that’s what i’m talking about diddy, pipe and pass

  • necy

    OK, 3rd

  • necy


  • necy

    HE NEEDS TO TAKE A HIV TEST!!!!! nasty ass

  • Bird

    I’ll believe he’s not hitting that anymore when she gets a new boyfriend. The same applies to Kim. One thing I can say for Diddy is his women are faithful to him even when he isn’t.

  • Doagae

    This is so old and tired…..Who the hell is Cassie anyway?

  • 2sexxy4U

    We all know that he can’t get enough of her sugar honey ice tea…How old is he anyway?

  • Aunt Viv

    This f*kin for tracks poster-child better watch her back. Given Diddy’s track record, she could be in for a world of hurt…


    and a world of diseases…the things folks will do for album material and publicity. Ewww.

  • abc

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  • Troy

    What happened to never mixing business with pleasure?

  • Man, I just don't care

    Puffy, I ain’t mad at you, do it big.

    How is she selling herself “short?” A lot of women desire rich, famous and successful men. She got what she wanted…..

  • Bird

    Oh yeah, I’ll also believe it when Diddy stops putting out Cassie records knowing full damn well she doesn’t have an iota of vocal talent.

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