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  • AHRA


  • Hot Chocolate

    Not a good look Ms.Kellis😦

  • km

    she’s always being that crazy so i dont c her trying to look like lady gaga. whoever says she acting like gaga need to get their facts straight…..fy i dont care too much for both of them but i’m just saying

  • Fon

    I agree Kelis has always been different, she got married in a green dress, had the Rihanna hair before Rihanna, used to rock the biggest light blond fro….then she married Nas. I guess he convinced her that she needed to conform to succeed! He’s gone now so she can get on with being KELIS.

  • joejoe

    Am begining to question this womans sanity. This just ain’t right.

  • young "n" n

    she was always like this


    Dang her figure is bangin. I don’t know I’m vey unique and I think it looks cute on her. I don’t like the hair but hay she’s gonna be her. The shoes are one of a kind.

  • White Women Rule

    Now this young woman I’ve seen and heard of. And darlings, she’s being doing this crazy sort of style thing long before Lady Gaga. I wish some of you wouldn;t comment on things without first knowing the facts. And as far as style goes, none of these women compare to the Legenday Grace Jones…she is the mother of it all. Hmmm, i do so love it when I’m right.

  • Mock Rock Star


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