New Music: Sade “Skin” And “Baby Father”

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Real music is officially trying to make a comeback people. Flip the script to listen to two new joints from Sade:



  • Pookie

    I love Sade

  • pynk♥{TGIF!}

    Yes!!! Can’t wait to cop that album in Feb.! :)

  • pynk♥{TGIF!}

    God, that woman has a TIMELESS beauty & elegance. I love Sade.


    Sade’s ENTIRE ALBUM leaked yesterday.

  • Aunt Viv

    Love love LOVE her!!! Welcome back Sade!

  • Gemini

    Beautiful woman, beautiful music…


    An artist always gets on my good side when they have the good sense to insert a little Jamaican flavor in their music. One love, Sade!

  • Hannibal


  • Kimmie - Southern Belle

    Nice but still not catching my attention. Vocals are great but her instrumental is not spot on in my opinion. Looking for the great combo of passionate, artistic expression in vocals and instrumentals that propelled her career. I don’t feel the passion….yet.

  • Yellowmeat

    She is so true to her music and sound. MS.SADE will always be #1. I am so happy she has return. Everyone in the music business needs to really take LESSONS from her. I would like to SADE & ROBIN THICKE TO DO a ballet together. With her smooth voice and his it would make a beautiful ballet.

  • jtwista

    “but u kept on thinkin u were thee only one, too busy thinkin love is a gun…but ya gona need a bullet proof soul”

    i miss these old days… love sade forever

  • Yellowmeat

    She is so true to her music and sound. MS.SADE will always be #1. I am so happy she has return. Welcome back. Stay true to you music

  • Mz. D

    Can’t wait for the album!!!! Real music has FINALLY returned!!!!

  • I dont love the Haters and Neither Shoudl you!

    Dont like Baby Father! But I love the 1st one

  • Mr.727

    I don’t give a CRAP if it leaked or not, I’m going to acutally go out and buy her cd, because unlike some people she is a real talented artist, and I feel that it would be worth the wait to have her cd in my hands instead of being like the brain group of people that buy bootlegs and download for for! Anybody else can could care less about!!! Just being real this leaking of music gots to stop, I remember when you had to actually wait til the album come out to hear it!!

    These are nice songs by the way!

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