Do We Detect A Conspiracy?

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It was jacked up enough when Miss USA 2007, Rachel Smith slipped and fell during the gown parade last year at the Miss Universe Pageant, but when the current Miss Usa, Crystle Stewart busted her ass during the very same segment of last nights Miss Universe show, we began to get suspicious. Really, what are the odds that these two similar events aren’t connected?


  • LdyK

    it was a shame she fell but like normal got back up and finished!

  • LdyK

    Numero uno Putas!

  • jhp

    You sound ridiculous.

  • Aunt Viv

    Consipiracy, no. Unfortunate coincidence, yes.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    where is her Ken?

  • Hannibal


  • apple

    I was surprised to read her blog on ” C a s u a l S e e k . C o m ” I don’t understand why she write blog on a dating site for casual encounter. Does she feel lonely and want to date with someone?

  • Aunt Viv

    Walking in 5-inch stilettos with a long gown isn’t easy so kudos to Miss USA for getting back up and keeping it moving. Maybe Miss Jay from America’s Next Top Model can coach folks for next year.

  • McCain's an old fool

    Second time in a row that Miss USA falls on her bum. Symbolism much?

    USA is disintergrating as polticians and businessmen sell out this nation to the lowest bidder.

    Foreign company[Belgian] to by out American Beer Giant Anhesuer-Busch for $52 Billion

  • H Diddy

    the silly ho felll.. that’s her bad.

  • Afiya

    AWW, a bust-it-baby move!

  • Green Grass

    The show is lame anyway, the host country will always be in the final 15, as will ms usa, and ms venezuela/colombia/puerto rico/mexico.

  • Octavia

    I saw that last night. I still can’t figure out what she tripped/slipped over… (???)

    Up to that point, I thought she stood a good chance. :(

  • Doagae

    They should put those pads on the bottom of their shoes… helps.

  • LdyK

    LOL @ aunt VIV…Miss jay…priceless, do you think he’ll wear and Andre Talley turbin…while coaching?

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