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New allegations are being made in the case of Hovvy’s Club 40/40 “sweatshop tactics:”

Workers are now claiming the club’s general manager, Desiree Gonzalez, threatened one employee she would “f*** up his tax life” for having any involvement in the class-action suit.

According to a letter filed in court by the workers’ lawyer, the 40/40 boss allegedly told another worker she would “lock him up” if he refused to sign a release for the court case. Hundreds of former employees could be eligible to collect on the claims if their case wins in court

Sounds like that particular manager could end up costing Jay-Z quite a bit of dough. Kudos to these former employees for standing up to that gangsta-styled management. Developing…..



  • Envy Me (That MCM Bag in Bloomingdales is calling my name)

    I believe it!

  • Envy Me (That MCM Bag in Bloomingdales is calling my name)

    Jay better call some sort of meeting to straighten all their @sses out quick

  • apple

    He is playful,right? he is a hot member of ” C a s u a l S e e k . C o m ” which is for casual encounter for romance. he has dated several hot girls on that club.

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Whoever runs the business needs to replace the management staff, but I guess they can’t while the lawsuit is going on. Now isn’t the wrong time to admit they hired the wrong managers. They need to hurry up and settle and get those people out of there though.

  • Negrodamus Believes(Wesley Snipes is a Russian Spy)

    Has anyone ever worked in a restaurant? Lol man if you are a server,bus-boy, cook or delivery driver, you are a slave..Only the management has leverage or the main cook…Everyone else is expendible so this has little to do with nothing

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    The 40/40 Club isn’t the only club that operates like this!

  • southernbella

    Mo Money, Mo problems!!!

    Jay better check his staff before he has to write bigs checks to his staff….



  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    you know alot of night life establishments have been on the local news in NYC for not paying workers their money

  • http://myspace.com/afiya00 Afiya

    Pick better friends Jay!

  • Lil' Kevin Mayne

    lmao @ “f*** up his tax life” imma say that the next time a peasant threatens me.

  • Aunt Viv

    Sounds like the manager needs to check her words too ‘cuz I’m sure she’s just as dispensable as her employees….

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Po chile…po po chile


    Oh Daxn! I mean wow! Scare tactics huh? Mess up my tax life. You don’t f*ck with people and Uncle Sam….they will kill a nil behind shyt like that.

  • http://en.gravatar.com/avatar/522ae813d0291146b3c70cd56c2834f3?s=80&r=any NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Don't ever fix your lips like collagen)

    This is some mafia shyt. I want a Corned Beef sandwich.

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