Who Looked More Ri-goddamn-diculous???

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Both Ci-Error and Rihanna hit up the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards Salute To Icons event which honored Doug Morris last night in Beverly Hills.  We can’t figure out who was attention whoring more with their outfit between the two. SMH.

A ton of pics under the hood for your viewing pleasure.


  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983......75 DAYS!!!!

    Um I worked with Rhi’s dress from the Ellen Show but I cannot work with this one.

    I would say she is a just a bit more over the tops than CI CI so RHI looked more ridiculous.

  • Yo Boss... Beyotch

    What are they performing this evening? I hope one of their smash hits.

  • Pedro Sergio-Angola

    neither…. next.. both ugly

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983......75 DAYS!!!!

    After look through all the pics the dress didn’t look as bad as i thought. Regardless Rhi daxn sure looks more confident that Ci Ci.

    And Randy Jackson need to take that BRAWNY Paper Towel Man looking shirt off. UUUGGGHHH he is such a corn ball.

    And if Ne-Yo don’t stop with that pout…..

    Mary looked gorgeous though!!!

  • yeah

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  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    everyone looks great! & I actually love what both Cici & Ri are wearing,it’s eccentric but nicely put together & they wear it well. I love the pastel hues. I feel the Ri could’ve had curls in her hair for this but it’s cool. Mary’s dress is the business too :)

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    ugghhh that Russell Brand gets on my nerves tho lol

  • Karis

    what a mess. i like[d] ciara but. she’s never on point with the fashion. no comment on illuminati brainwashed rihanna

  • CiCi #1 Fan

    Ciara rocking that Givenchy!!

  • tell it like it is...

    Rihanna’s dress is a damn mess. And Ciara always looks like shit. Ciara has no identity whatsoever.


    Rihanna’s dress is fierce! Werk it girrrrr!

  • Jer-z Girl

    Like them both. Confused about both outfit choices.

  • Lovie

    I’m not a fan of either outfits. They both look equally ridiculous. But, since I feel like Ciara is trying desperately hard to look “in” and be relevant, I’ll say she looks more ridiculous than Rihanna.

    However, I will say that since Lady Gaga has been on the seen, these two have been trying to push the fashion envelope even more, especially Ciara. SMH. Geesh! Just be yourself!

  • http://yahoo.com Britt

    Rhianna over Cerror everyday all day.

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