In White Folks News: Brad and Angie Kill Break-Up Rumors with “Giggly Date”

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So much for Jennifer Aniston:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stepped out Saturday night to attend the Directors Guild of America Awards in Los Angeles – and observers say the couple were as happy as can be.

“They looked very giggly,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. Pitt, who was at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza to introduce his Inglourious Basterds director Quentin Tarantino, was an attentive companion to Jolie, a surprise guest, who wore a gray, single-shoulder Elie Saab gown with gold hoop earrings by Ofira Schwartz, Stuart Weitzman shoes and a vintage bag. Pitt, whose curious beard has been trimmed, pulled Jolie’s chair out for her and touched her back throughout the night as they chatted animatedly with Tarantino at a table of colleagues from the film.

“They look like they are having a fun time,” says an onlooker of the couple as they worked the room. “It’s definitely a date.”

Good for them.



  • http://bossip Z

    Where theres smoke theres fire!

  • Dilla

    Brad would never leave Angie for Jen’s insecure A.S.S

  • free

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  • Y

    who CARES!!! they probably started the rumor themselves

  • Laquita

    I agree with nyla!!!

  • memchee

    ….and Fergie’s husband didn’t cheat on her.


    This is the new p.r. spin; do whatevah it takes to put out the strongest image contrary to press reports.

  • Ayana

    Uh hello!!!

    They are actors!!! Very good actors with awards and sh*t….they are acting.

  • tean

    Madonna renewed her vows then got divorced, this relationship is so OVER! next

  • tean

    Brad is mentally with Jennifer he loves that woman. Plus she has a better body than Angie.

  • bluekid

    I got this from a reliable source, Brad and Angelina relationship has been over and Brad always calling Jen about zhit. Jen is the first person Brad call when things are not right. Brad is a chicken man! Brad and Jen still have a business together, they have to talk regardless if nothing else, about business. Angie, have to be very jealous because Brad still has to deal with Jen. Brad is trying to get out of this relationship on paper first before they can call a real split which has already happen.

  • essnce

    they are actors by profession. they could be acting!!

  • 2Sweet

    @bluekid why would Brad have to get out the relationship on paper? I’ve heard of people saying that they were meeting with lawyers, but why? They’re not married…………….and I agree wit everyone just cuz they look good out in public and on appearances doesn’t mean they’re really happy.

  • Miss All That!!

    They are ACTORS they get paid to ACT!!! They could of very well been miserable as hel!!

  • Girl440

    Brad has to get out the relationship on paper & see his attorneys because all the kids have his name – he adopted the ones he is not the “birth dad” for, so rest a.ssured he has 6 kids just like Angie does…should be some he.lla child support.

  • Münchausen

    No man in his right senses would leave Jolie for Aniston, but Jolie-Pitt haters will never give up. Well, keep hoping and praying, but you are wasting your time. No man in his right senses would leave Jolie for the needy and plain Aniston.

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