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Where is Kim Porter?? Diddy’s twins D’lilah Star and Jesse James were seen playing and such with their nanny in Cali this weekend. They look like little divas in training. Too cute.

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  • Is It 5:00 yet? I'm ready to go home.

    Awwww. They are so precious!

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    cute :)

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983......75 DAYS!!!!

    As a mother can she not get a break or some “ME” time??? She has 4 kids. Nothing wrong with getting a couple of hours to yourself. Daxn.

  • So what?

    You sure that’s not their grandmother?

  • Somali Ninga

    they look like their SOMALI father!! LOL

  • star

    they’re cute, BUT chance is cuter! lol

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983......75 DAYS!!!!

    @ So What…

    You are right….that could definitely be Kim Porter’s parents!!

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  • upupandaway

    Their ok but the one that he doesnt claim is way cuter. Can she comb their hair and fix them up a little bit.

  • @Dilla

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with these babies hair or dress.

    Maybe the parents of the students in your class are so busy trying to keep them “well kept” that they are too focused on how they look vs. what they learn.

    Seems a damn shame that you as the teacher are too.

  • kna80

    Look just like they daddy. But I believe that is Kim Porter’s mother, but not sure about the man that is pictures with them.

  • Macori, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

    They look like their father.

  • Dilla

    @@Dilla, You must be one of those incubators that spends your welfare check on weaves and boones farm, instead of keeping their children presentable. I work at an elementary school in watts, where most of the young parents work very hard, and invest their money in their children and their education. The children in my class are very smart and their parents a highly involved in their schooling and learning. Black women and men are not your average stereotypical absent parent’s that some proclaim them to be, this is an evolving generation of hands on parenting, young and older. Where I come from, parents don’t believe in sending their children to school or anywhere else looking unpresentable, rich or poor! There is nothing wrong with combing your child’s hair. I’m very sorry that you don’t feel that way, but a lot of parents do. NEXT!!!!

  • seriously?

    lol @ people saying chance is cuter…they look like they could be triplets for crying out loud!

  • @Dilla

    And you’re a teacher. With prejudices and biases like you express it’s no secret that any child with a parent or guardian requiring government assistance would not stand a chance in your class. You have painted an entire group/class of people with one single, ignorant “I am better than you are” brush.

    But be easy with that because you don’t know why people live in the circumstance that they do, and there, but for the grace of God could go you.

    Here’s a lesson for you, try not be be so judgemental.

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