What’s WRONG With This Picture???

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Obama landed the cover of another magazine, but it definitely wasn’t like any of his other shoots so far. Pop the hood to find out what magazine used our President to help their newsstand presence and to tell us What’s WRONG With This Picture!!!

SMH… Come on now people, y’all know y’all was wrong putting the President on the cover with Weezy and Shawty Lo and them!!! That’s our president!!! We think President Obama is deserving of a lot more respect than he’s been getting lately. First that pimp treatment and now this ish! WRONG! Just wrong.


  • 2Sweet

    OH SNAP!



  • 2Sweet

    Barak is the only one who looks straight!

  • Black_Orpheus(the original not the remake)

    Hell during the election, there was a damn negro standing before the Po-Po photog, getting ready to take a mugshot, wearing an
    Obama ’08 tee-shirt.

    This is damn near dignified, compared to that.

    Do you really expect a certain kind of negro to “get it” —- really, after ALL THESE YEARS?
    Wearing Malcolm X caps while peddling dope on a street corner — do you STILL expect them to “get it”.

  • don't matter

    Black_Orpheus: good point.

  • brandimus

    too many things to mention chid

  • http://thathiphopblog.com/ TheIconGuy

    not a big deal.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Sadly, I think Barack is the only one in the picture, and the only name on the cover that does not have a criminal record. Way to go, hip hop culture! SMH

  • jdmann

    He’s their president too so why shouldn’t he be pictured with them. He doesn’t just rep black people who talk white, graduated from a hbu, got a good government job and attend the essence music festival.

  • Gimmeabreak78


    He doesn’t just rep black people who talk white, graduated from a hbu, got a good government job and attend the essence music festival.

    Talk white? SMH that people still consider good diction and correct grammar as talking white.

    What is the President supposed to sound like–

    Ahma start me uh stimoolus package to git dis here economy on da right track?

    *Rolls eyes*

  • Soon to be Mrs.

    HELL NO!!!

  • Educated Chic

    WHHHHHHYYYYY???? In da heeeeellllll…..!!!! Did they put Pres. Obama on the cover with a bunch of low class THUG NIGS! U gotta be kidding me right??? What a disgrace!!!

  • ThatBKChick

    I don’t know if this is worst than Young Cheezy’s: “My President is Black, My Lambo is Blue” ish!!! SMDH!!! This was probably contrived by the GOP, I honestly do not see any right minded black tabloid magazine that would be this stupid!

  • brandimus

    *co-signs with gimmeabreak78*

  • http://www.twitter.com/MsTiaGotSteeze tia

    i thought it was that one magazine cover where he has a white mans hair….but yeah uh this one too

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