Reggie Bush to Kim K.: “I’m Focused on SuperBowl Right Now, MAYBE We Can Talk Marriage After That…”

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Reggie Bush is in NO rush to walk Kim Kardashian down the aisle. Reggie is only 24 and wants to get married but way down the line. This is something that we already know and would think Kimmy Cakes would have gotten the memo but apparently she’s on some other sh*zzzz…

Apparently Kim texted her friends on New Year’s Eve and told them that she “WILL” become Mrs. Reggie Bush in 2010. That sounds great but there is just one problem, Reggie has no idea about these plans.

Reggie knows Kim would be thrilled to be his wife, but he’s not quite there yet. The reason they broke up over the summer was because Reggie felt the pressure to walk her down the aisle. Part of the reason they got back together was because she said she would back off the subject a bit.

Also Kim is ready to have kids but there’s another dilemma, Reggie isn’t ready to be a dad just yet. Sources say Reggie told Kim to be patient and that they could talk about their future and getting married after the play-offs are over.

It should definitely be interesting to see how Kim and Reggie’s relationship will play out this year.

How many of you think that they will be married by the end of the year???


  • lee

    What’s the rush? Their still young, she needs to calm the hell down before he leave her again.

  • Ho Please

    I really don’t care if they get married or not…. I am not benefiting from them getting married so F*ck em.

  • 2Sweet

    I personally don’t think he’s going to marry her. She’s already going downhill (and getting more plastic).

  • starlite

    Reggie, you need to be involved with someone like Miss America Caressa Cameron. Someone with class, and dignity, plus she’s beautiful.Please wake up Reggie.

  • jstray

    She needs to move on to better things. He thinks the grass is green on the other side but,he will be on the outside looking in like the other NFLers in or on their way to jail. Reggie likes the meda to much to let her go.

  • limpsyrussel

    He heard that Ray-Gay song already

  • stacy bland

    She’s a gorgeous girl!

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  • MissCeCe

    I pray to God he looses the Superbowl, both of these punks Kim and Reggie come off arrogant self centered media whor@es.

  • settin' the record straight

    She’s rushing cause she is old. she is about to be 30 there is only so long a women wants to wait to have kids. after 33 it would be damn near impossible to get that body back, (naturally that is). Reggie is very young for a guy and there is absolutely no biological clock ticking for him so… Should be interesting to see how this all turns out. Will Reggie crumble and give in???

  • cw

    nope, not getting married. he’s 24 and plays in the NFL. he’s not done playing around yet. have way more cakes to smash besides Kim’s old cakes. so nope, i don’t see a marriage in their future.

  • Educated Chic

    Even tho I am not a fan of this couple… I do believe he will marry her this yr. But… I don’t think his mom really like or cares for Kim at all…

  • JB (Riding hard for Pat Summit the Greek Goddes of Basketball)

    Kim is mad because she is no longer the center of attention. Khloe is and Kourntey’s baby is. Plus Kim is not ready to stop flashing the cakes in front of the camera for money. Cause you know whenever she becomes Mrs. Reggie Bush, that will all cease to exist. Mark my words. Not everyman wants to be Ice-T

  • Anywho

    He’d be a fool to marry her ever.

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    Heck she acts like he is the only one that can give her fake butt injected butt some lil mixed kids… skank if he wont marry you by now move the he** on, your clock is ticking not his~~ most men dont want to get n]married in theri 20’s anyhow … didnt her mother teach her anything but how to gold dig!!

  • Call me Crazy, but...

    Why is she so desparate???? Probably because she know don’t no body want her used up a s s. She is not wife material.

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