Justice For Jackson, MJ’s Doc To Face Manslaughter Charges

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Michael Jackson’s shady personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray may end up facing criminal charges after all. Pop the hood for more details.

Prosecutors plan to charge Michael Jackson’s doctor with manslaughter rather than take the case to a grand jury, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press Tuesday.

Prosecutors will file a criminal complaint against Dr. Conrad Murray, who practices in Houston, instead of taking the case before a grand jury, which is done in private, the official said.

The person is not authorized to speak publicly about the case and only spoke on condition of anonymity.

The complaint would be the prelude to a public hearing in which a judge would weigh testimony from witnesses to decide if there is probable cause to try him on an involuntary manslaughter charge.

Jackson died June 25 from an anesthetic overdose. Murray maintains nothing he gave Jackson should have killed him.

Murray arrived in Los Angeles last weekend in anticipation of a charging decision from the district attorney’s office, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

“Dr. Murray is in Los Angeles for a dual purpose — on family business and to be available for law enforcement,” said spokeswoman Miranda Sevcik. “We’re trying to be as cooperative as we can.”

There is no official word on when an announcement about any charges might come. David Walgren, the deputy Los Angeles County district attorney handling the case, declined to comment Tuesday.

The district attorney’s office has for weeks been working closely with Los Angeles Police Department investigators to build a case against Murray.

Jackson, 50, hired Murray to be his personal physician as he prepared for a strenuous series of comeback performances in London. He died in Los Angeles after Murray administered the powerful general anesthetic propofol and two other sedatives to get the chronic insomniac to sleep, according to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, which ruled the death a homicide.

Murray has denied any criminal wrongdoing.

“We continue to maintain that Dr. Murray neither prescribed nor administered anything that should have killed Michael Jackson,” Sevcik said.

Without witnessing the actual night Jackson died or the proper medical training who are we to judge whether or not Dr. Murray should be held responsible for MJ’s death? But from the reports we’ve read it does seem as if Michael was over-medicated. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.



  • Ree


  • AnonymousGal

    Justice for MJ! He is; however, innocent until presumbed guilty.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983.....73 Days!!!

    Good because I am not feeling his mumbo jumbo explanations! Not impressed with Conrad!

  • Heiress

    In my honest opinion,this man is guilty til a certain degree because MJ was a grown azz man that made the decisions to take certain drugs. Anyways,hope this gets solved soon so the man can rest in peace once & for all already.

    Btw,the pic above is quite amusing,it doesn’t even look like an actual human but a cartoon. Is it real or fake?

  • Heiress

    @brandimus:lmao don’t mean to laugh but I couldn’t agree more

  • hey now

    They need to hurry up and arrest his azz!

    BTW the “This is it” which is basically just film of Michael Jackson’s concert REHEARSALS was better than\the whole 2010 Grammy Awards show!

    It’s a D@MN shame! MJ was better than these artists today even when he’s was just practicing!

  • Jamie

    That Dr. didn’t kill Michael Jackson. Too much money, pressue and too many “yes men” killed Michael Jackson. I love MJ just as much as the next fan (maybe even more) but let’s get real people. You think Murray was the first Doctor to illegaly give or prescribe something to MJ that shouldn’t have been given? That’s why there should be a CAP on medical salaries so that the line of ethics and greed don’t get confused. That doctor might have done anything to keep the money coming in and that’s wrong but let’s not put ALL the blame on him. MJ had been on a path for a looong time.

  • Somali Ninga


  • Kanaan

    It does not matter if MJ was an addict. Doctors are legally held to a much higher ethical & professional degree. The medical intent for the drug was not used properly by Dr. Conrad – period….

  • Jamie

    @Hey now
    You are absolutely right… but would you not agree that there would be less room for “error” and corruption if there was a cap on doctor’s salaries in general. Capitalism is not good when it comes to peoples health. I know that when you become a doctor you take an oath of ethics and proffessional responsibility but teachers in this country barely make a livable wage while you have medical “proffessionals” doing unnecessary surgeries and pushing just as much drugs as those dealers on the street. Something has to change about this system.

  • B

    what a joke. MJ wanted to get knocked out and wanted to get woke up. The good doc was paid to do that ish. Too bad homey died but that’s what happens when you f*** up your cash living like a b**** and then hire some rich folk to sponsor you then pimp you out with a 50 show gig in one freaking place. WTF! Murray used his med creds to get the dope and made side bread selling medical narcotics for non regulated use. Happens all the time. Too bad you MJ lovers can’t see that.

  • nunya bizness

    He’s a murderer. Lock him up!!

  • Camille


  • Shemander

    It’s about f’ing time!!! I think the dermatologist should get locked up right along with his greedy arse!!!


    Illumninati killed him. Wheres my ILluminati feens at?

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