DAYYUM Lil’ Kim… We Forgot What You Used to Look Like!!!

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Ever since Lil Kim has bleached and plastic’d herself out, we tend to forget what she looked like before.

We found a several pics of the old skool “McNasty” Lil’ Kim…

Pop the Top for a Trip Down Memory Lane…

This chick has come a long way, but the wrong way…. SMH at the blonde wig, but that’s the Kim we all grew to love.


  • Creole Baby doesn't care about Wack People

    oh my

  • Crazy A. Rodney

    TOP THREE SNITCheZZ! ! ! ! ! !!!

  • PraDaMaMa


  • oh please

    yall stay stealing stories from other bloggers

  • foxxy cleopatra foster

    Ahh Kimmy! If only she stopped the surgery in her La Bella Mafia days. She looked plastic then too, but at least she actually looked good then.


    The new body with the close to original face would’ve been cool.That aside-Kim could still get the business.

  • Taisha from Chicago!

    Nobody’s forgotten what this confused woman used to look like! She was just hoping we would. Poor thing is plagued with the same issues of self hate as The Late Great Michael Jackson was and she wishes she was anything accept BLACK!

  • Pookie

    oh Kim, Biggie must be turning in his grave about what you become…smh

  • bluekid

    Lil Kim has so much talent she did not need to do anything to her self but rap.

    It’s sad to see black people pressured to look white or light skin to stay in to the business. At least that is what they think.

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    Ever since Biggie left and married Faith it seems like she tried to get lighter and lighter. That must have really traumatized her to the point of no return.

  • Canadian Fan

    She was a descent looking women and now……well we all she what she looks like now! Its a shame!

  • Gimmeabreak78


    You may be right. I remember reading a Vibe Magazine interview of her a few years ago where she said that Biggie told her she was beautiful, but she “had not t*ts”, so she went out and bought some.

    Such a shame, because she was such a cute girl to begin with.

  • Ms. Mille

    awwww….. i miss the old lil Kim, she was cute just the way she was….po thang :-(

  • valerie

    she was adorable…

  • BigAce

    Used to be in my top five chicks when J Mafia came out, daymn shame. Those procedures start to look terrible when you age.

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