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A nicely toned Nicole Murphy, and her big burly boo Michael Strahan, were spotted on the red carpet of the 2008 ESPY Awards. Terrell Owens, Kevin Garnett and more hit up the annual gala too. More below…

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    Good Morning Everyone!!!!

  • Erm, what the HELLY? (Tired of unnecessary drama)

    murnin…..nicole is so pretty

  • I'm Just Me (I WISH A N*GGA WOULD)

    DAXN…Brandi is so much shorter than Kevin! Got dayuuum! Shyt must be the BOMB at the house!!


    Hey IM JUST ME…..

    Morning Erm….

    Im loving Nicole’s shoes!!!! I need them in my life!!!

  • Erm, what the HELLY? (Tired of unnecessary drama)

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO@ not bein able 2 c the pics

  • Erm, what the HELLY? (Tired of unnecessary drama)

    lol @ sweet cheeks….they are fiyah…but i cant bump heels that tall…lol

  • Erm, what the HELLY? (Tired of unnecessary drama)

    from what i CAN see, Toccara looks like she lost a lot of weight

  • apple

    I heared that they met each other on ” C a s u a l S e e k . C o m ” which is a dating club for casual encounter. They like playing on that site and looking for fun.


    Erm, feet would be burning at the end of the night… LOL…

    I just noticed that was Toccara.. All I really could pick out was LaLa…


    Something just don’t look right about Nicole’s face.

  • BostonBitty

    dang how soes she walk in those heels. More poer to ya

  • BostonBitty

    *power lol

  • GirlfriendL

    im glad he is back on the brown side where girlfriends come to hear the word from a girlfriend’s perspective

  • He's Presidential

    every1 looks nice altho it would help to see the big picture

  • swoosh


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