*BOSSIP Exclusive* Common Teams Up With Gatorade, Challenges Serena To Any Sport (Except Tennis)

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Gatorade is launching their new sideline equipment and new G-Series product line just in time for Super Bowl XLIV, and the “G” squad called in Common to voice the new commercial spot that’s scheduled to run right before the big game. Pop the hood for the VERY FIRST look at the ad and our BOSSIP Exclusive with Common.

Common On Working With Gatorade:

I’ve worked with Gatorade before, but not on a commercial. This time me being part of a commercial is really exciting for me me. I’ve seen a lot of their spots lately and I’ve really been intrigued by them, they’ve really been creative… I like that whole “What’s G” and “That’s G.” It feels authentic and pure to me…

They contacted me about this particular commercial just this weekend. Because we already built a relationship they felt I’d be great for this spot they have. It’s really a soulful spot that’s gonna be shown before the Superbowl… It has a soul to it that really depicts what football is about and playing and competing with heart and soul. The visual of it shows the heart and soul of what athletes experience, specifically the football players that were in the playoffs. It shows their experience. The music behind it has a drama to it and a heart to it. When I watched the spot before I even did the recording. I was like Man! It brought emotion to me. That’s what made it soulful. I think it’s the soul of the athletes that bring out the soul of the whole piece.

On His Super Bowl Picks:

For certain reasons I want the Saints to win because it would be great for the people of New Orleans. I would like to see the Saints and the people of New Orleans keep getting their spirits lifted up and be inspired and continue to go out and do better for their city. The Colts, I know Peyton Manning is incredible, he’s just one of those champions. The team I really wanted in the Superbowl (besides the Chicago Bears) was Minnesota so I’m still a little heartbroken. I guess if there’s anybody I’d like to see it’d be the Saints.

On Training To Play An NBA Player For Upcoming Role In Film Just Wright:

I work out 3-5 times a week. I do different weight exercises that deal with a little cardio…This is the hardest I ever trained. The director wanted me to be cut. I did cardio, playing ball was cardio itself… Dwight Howard’s guys that was with him were like ‘Damn Common you in shape, bruh, you gonna keep that physique?’ I stuck to it mostly. Honestly, right when I got off the film they brought a pizza for me. They knew I was not eating any pizza. I love pizza, but I didn’t eat any pizza . One of the last scene s I was doing, they was like “Cut” and in the middle of the scene they brought the pizza. I started eating it, I just started killing it. After the moving I got a little loose, I had to get loose because I was very disciplined during this movie – not eating a lot of BS.

On Challenging Girlfriend Serena Williams Athletically:

I’m an athlete, I can keep up with her. She is a champion. I watched the Australian Open, I was thinking like “Man, Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes we’ll ever see — of all time.” I was really thinking that when I seen her. I was like man, this woman is incredible. I can keep up with her though. Well not in tennis. I’m not gonna front on that one. I can’t keep up with her on that one. Maybe if I drink some Gatorade I’ll do better but this woman is one of the best ever. But I can beat her in any other sport.

On Celebrating Serena’s Australian Open Win:

More or less I just congratulated her. We hung out at different parties over the weekend for the Grammys. The special things I do I don’t talk about them too much because they’re really sacred. I feel like I’m a lucky and blessed guy.

Check out the Gatorade “Journey” commercial voiced by Common below:

Gatorade describes G Series as a three course athletic meal (made up of 3 products Gatorade Prime 01, Gatorade Perform 02 and Gatorade Recover ’03) specially designed to meet the needs of athletes throughout all stages of play. It will be on the Super Bowl sidelines and in the team locker rooms this weekend. For more on the products go to Gatorade.com

What did you think of the Gatorade commercial? We thought it was pretty fresh. Check back tomorrow for the other half of our exclusive interview with Common.

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